Saturday, January 5, 2008

Taper Wogg ~ Half the distance to the goal!!!

Can you tell we speak *football-talk* around my house these days? That's what came to mind as I was approaching the 6.5 mile mark this I figured, why not go for exactly half the distance to the goal? Which by my calcs, would be 6.55 miles (see, we accountants are pretty brainy :)

It was a great morning run with Lisa this morning ~ although a little tougher on me than I would have hoped. I felt good at the beginning, and the end ~ in the middle, not so much. We walked a lot, but it was fine. We were up, and out, and moving so all was well for Pokey and JavaMom. Sadly, we really started feeling good around mile 5 when it was close to quitting time....and a 10 minute *chat* break with Lisa before heading home didn't hurt either ;)


.52 miles ~ 6:08:56 (11:51 pace) ~ to go meet Lisa
Mile 1 ~ 11:39
Mile 2 ~ 13:53
Mile 3 ~ 13:56
Mile 4 ~ 14:28 (okay, a lot of chatting and walking)
Mile 5 ~ 12:36 (getting back on track)
Mile 6 ~ 11:25
.03 mile ~ 0:22

Total: 6.55 miles
Time: 1:24:28
Average pace: 12:54


Pat said...

Good job. Just 8 days until the big day.

Taryn said...

Good job getting those miles in. Looks like it was a perfect mix of running and chatting! ;) *See* you soon!

J~mom said...

It was a great day to be out!! Thanks for wogging with me! :>)

Viv said...

What I love more than running, running with great company! You
Java r too cute.. Great job!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Nice work. Great last mile there!

Wes said...

That's a really good woggle :-)

WannaBe5Ker said...

That's a half HM! Woo hoo!!!! WTG! I haven't run that far in awhile...and you had a great pace, too!