Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I'm heading out again today ~ this time to North Carolina for business and a few days of exercise rest. Not sure how I am going to do it....I've been completely compulsive about my exercise lately ~ which I guess is not really a bad thing.

I actually had to restrain myself from going to the gym twice yesterday, just because I could have if I had wanted to. Crazy, huh? But I resisted, and went back again this morning at 5:15 am for Body Combat class ;)

I'd love to say that my compulsion applies to my running also, but no such luck.

I did get a good run in on Saturday at the ARR Summer Series Race #4 ~ a hot, humid and sweaty 5K with Eileen and Lisa.

I've had better runs, I've had worse.....so I have no complaints. This was a training run for Eileen, so I told her to set the pace and I would just go along for the ride. The heat was brutal, but we knocked down the 3.1 and called it a day. Personally, I think runners should get at least a minute per mile credit for running in such conditions....

Here's our sweaty ~ but always smiling ~ gang after the race:

Congrats to Lisa who set a new PR on Saturday, and continues to amaze and inspire me!! No idea how she did it in the heat ~ some of us were struggling just to move ~ but she ROCKS! Awesome job lady :)

I am just happy to have broken through the scale threshhold that has been holding me hostage lately ~ I finally busted 157 pounds!!! I had been stuck there for sooooo long (like almost a month!!!) so it was very encouraging to see the scale move again. Less than seven more pounds to my first goal.....a new pair of jeans that I have been wanting ;)

The goal for this week is to eat smart while traveling. No easy feat, but I am going to do it. There's nothing that says that pushups and ab curls can't be done in a hotel room too!! ;)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tricks of the running gods

I truly am starting to believe that there are Supreme Running Beings out there in the universe that get an immense out of pleasure it messing with me on a regular basis.

It’s like every time I go out to run, one of the running gods (not sure exactly how many there might be) is rolling a dice, flipping a coin, or playing Rock/Paper/Scissors to predetermine the outcome before I even get started.

My runs in CA during the month of June were FANTASTIC ~ my best ever.

The couple shortish runs I’ve had since I’ve gotten back were MISERABLE ~ some of the worst.

As I was plodding along last Saturday morning, swearing at the running gods for the torture, I remembered something I had said long ago: as runners, we are never defined by a single run. In other words, a good run does not a good runner make; nor a bad run does not a bad runner make. Pretty deep, huh????

It is hard not to let a series of crappy running define me, but I’m not. I’ll just say that my running has sucked lately and leave it at that.

I did manage to make some friends on my run last weekend. I even brought them home with me. I decided to name them GNAT.

No, those are not moles or freckles ~ this is what happens when it’s monsoon season in good old Arizona and the humidity shoots up beyond anything that we are reasonably accustomed to. I had to block from my mind how many of these little critters I actually consumed or inhaled during this run ~ I chalk it up to helping me meet my protein target for the day.

When I got home, I was sooooo HOT, sweaty and gnat-covered that I decided to jump in the pool ~ running clothes and all. It felt great ~ and for a fleeting moment I was almost a wannabe triathlete. Until I remembered that the swim should always come first ;)

I’ve been holding steady with my workouts at the gym ~ trying for both a Body Pump and Body Attack class at least once a week. I’ve been good with my eating habits ~ even throughout a ton of traveling ~ but the scale still isn’t cooperating the way I wish that it would. But I feel good, and my clothes feel good….so I remain patient. I’m not patient by nature so I sure it wont last much longer.

This Saturday is the 4th AZ Road Racers Summer 5K. I’ll be attempting to run with Eileen, but am not holding too high of expectations for myself. I figure just getting up, getting out and moving for 3 miles is worth something ~ so I’m doing it. I have no expectation of running with Speedy Gonzales this weekend, although she is being kind enough to pick me up at 5:30 am, which is, of course, her most favorite time of day ;)

In other news, I’d like to announce the formal, official debut of team FOUR SCORE & SEVEN BLISTERS AGO, which will be competing in the American Odyssey Relay Run Adventure in April 2009. Our fun-loving, wacky team is made up of 12 runners; 10 of which are from various parts of the U.S. and 2 from Canada!!!

Somehow this team of 12 is going to spend 36 hours together in van, run 200 miles of roads rich in American history from Gettysburg, PA to Washington, DC, have an AMAZING time doing it. Fellow bloggers Jeff, Rob, Katie, Nat, Cheryl, Ken and Micheline are part of my wonderful team, plus a few other non-bloggers (yet great runners!) who have yet to really determine how crazy the rest of us really are!

I am both excited and a bit freaked out about this new undertaking ~ I’m sure it will be an amazing event. I’m sure I will ramble PLENTY about my team and this relay over the next 9 months.

And last, but certainly not least ~ I am finally publicly able to wish a big CONGRATS to my dear friend Micheline who is expecting her second little munchkin!!! The offspring, affectionately named “Frogger” will be arriving in Reno in late January of next year…..and its mother will still be up and ready to go for the AOR relay in April!!! She is a real trooper, my running hero, and my great friend. So throw some CONGRATS her way ~ as well as a bit of good luck too……she’s gonna need it if she has another boy!! Just ask me….I know!!! ;)

Happy Running!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Truly. Why do I live here? I should have just stayed in San Diego.

Yes, I'm back ~ or almost back, in bloggity terms. I just wanted to get down a quick post, so none of you think I died or gave up running. Thanks for all the stalking-emails....makes me feel the love ;)

Here's the down-low on me ~





Travel some more (all for pleasure of course).

Get buried by work.

Travel a wee bit more.

Eat right.


Run a little (a scorching hot 3 miles at 6am is all I've been able to knock out lately)


Try to unbury self and retain sanity.

So that's where I am right now. I am going to be out of commission for some more time ~ gotta get caught up at work just in time to travel again the week of the 21st (this time not for pleasure).

Be back soon :)