Monday, April 28, 2008

No Excuses


I love it! Nice job all you smarties that figured it out ~ and to all the resourceful bloggers that figured it easier just to read the preceding comments ;)

Several of the team members from American Odyssey pointed out that it could make a great team name! Dang, you guys are thinking!!! I think a few simple letters ~ translated into two simple words ~ goes a long way. At least, it usually does for me.

I had many great victories last week and over the weekend, and funny enough, only one of them was related to running. I had a great run on Saturday morning ~ up and out the door by 5:55am to beat the heat ~ and knocked out 6.75 miles. I revisited interval running with R5/W1 intervals, thinking it might help me pickup my over all pace (my last couple 5-6 mile runs were continuous and slow as molasses). But…… didn’t!! I was still slow ;) But it didn’t matter ~ I felt great for most of the run. The last 2 miles were my strongest, and I ran them continuously with no walk breaks. I was tempted to keep going longer, but I actually used my brain and remember that I need to rebuild mileage gradually. It’s just hard when a run feels so good.

Almost more importantly that my run, I realized over the course of the week that I was having many other small victories unrelated to running. No wait ~ they are actually very BIG victories for me.

Back in my Weight Watcher days, we used to call them NSV’s ~ Non-Scale Victories. This meant good choices and habits during the week, which didn’t always necessarily lead to pounds lost on the scale ~ but were personal victories nonetheless.

I am proud to say I had many NSV’s last week, which for me simply translates into good food choices. Specifically, things like throwing away the last bit of my boys’ french fries from McDonald’s (which I loooooooove) instead of chowing them myself; or having one Entemann’s donut hole and not being tempted to eat the entire box. It meant having salads over burgers, fruit and yogurt for snacks over junk food ~ and the best part……not even feeling like I was depriving myself. I felt fabulous!

I am not sure what switched in my brain last week ~ nor am I totally na├»ve enough to think that it will last there permanently without struggle….or if it is just a temporary phase of “being good” ~ but whatever happened, I like it. I feel a bit different about it than I have in the past ~ wondering if this is really THE time that it will stick with me.

Only time will tell that ~ but for now, all is well. And as a bonus, I was treated to a real *scale victory* and turned up down 3 pounds ;)

Now the plan is to get through my outpatient surgery tomorrow ~ just a little elective girlie-type procedure ~ and come back running in a couple days…..and keep eating healthy this week when I won’t exercise much.

I have a new weight loss goal: 10 pounds by June 1st. Anyone else up for a 10 pound challenge? Any wagers huh, huh, huh?

Remember: No Excuses!

Friday, April 25, 2008


Do you like my new motto? Any smarties out there know exactly what it means?

I saw this on Tuesday night at D's sports training place ~ a group of girl soccer players had it on the back of their shirts and it spoke to me. No ~ it screamed at me :)

I think I need to go have a shirt made!

Running has been sub-standard again this week, but I promised myself I wouldn't whine about it. I got one short run done instead of two; and will head out tomorrow morning for a 5-6 miler. Mileage is mileage ~ I'll take what I can get.

I have a little outpatient medical procedure scheduled for next Tuesday, so my hope is to get a couple of decent runs in before then. Afterwards, I'll have a couple days of not being allowed to run, but after that I should be able to ramp back up. I've already regressed quite a bit since earlier in the year, so I have a lot of work ahead of me.

Now a side note: I am loving that a couple of new runners came out of the woodwork to comment on my last post, but I don't know how to reach some of you!! FAWN: do you have a blog? I couldnt locate one ~ but the best advice I have right now is check out the list of fine people to the right (and down a bit)


cause they are the best group of running resources that anyone could ask for! Keep visiting and reading, and keep up the running!!!!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

America's Finest?

The info below was listed on a racing website as the “highlights” of the America’s Finest City Half Marathon, to be held in San Diego this August.

2-day Expo; Race Day Festival; Tech t-shirts; Medals to all HM finishers under 3 hrs., HM limited to 7,750. 5K limited to 1500

Don’t get me wrong ~ San Diego is absolutely one of my favorite places to go….we are regular vacationers there each and every summer.

But the verbiage of these *highlights* really has me in a tizz. Only finishers under 3 hours are deserving of a medal? Did they cover less distance than sub-3 hour finishers? Did they work “less hard??” Did they shed less sweat, have fewer aches and pains?

Highly unlikely.

In contrast, in my humble opinion, those slowpoke, drag-yourself-across-the-finish-line-at-all-costs finishers are the most deserving of the group. I guarantee you that they shed more sweat, had more mental anguish and more aching body parts than any of the sub-3-ers could even fathom.

I think I am an anomaly ~ as I continue to be more impressed by those who have to work harder to achieve a goal, than I am by those to whom running just comes naturally. Maybe I’m biased since I’m not a good runner, but even in my back-of-the-pack location, I am still amazed by runners that have to work even harder.

I remember my first “big race” very well ~ a 12k along the harbor in San Pedro, California (the Bridge to Breakwater) ~ and the image of a particular runner is still engrained my brain. The course was an out-and-back, and I was poking along at my usual Pokey Pace (I haven’t really gotten much faster in the past 2 years!) and upon my way back down a hilly portion of the course, I saw the most inspiring runner that I have ever seen. A woman, probably mid 40’s, weighing in at at least close to 300 pounds. Everyone of her steps required noticeable effort, and she was sweating buckets in the hot temperatures of the day. As I was heading down the hill, she has heading up, out to the turnaround point at the breakwater. By my calculation at that time, there were probably only 20ish people behind me, and they were all on the downhill, not too far behind me. All except for this woman. As she approached me, I was made aware of the HUGE smile on her face, as she happily gave me a high-five, told me what a great job I was doing, and wished me luck. I returned the sentiments and we both continued to plod along, each in our opposite direction.

This one, single runner inspired me so much that day, that I can’t even express it. It was an undeniable certainty that she would finish last in the race ~ substantially behind everyone else. Yet this didn’t keep her from smiling, high-fiving, and trucking on. While the front-of-the-packers were eating bagels and oranges and analyzing their runs, this woman was still running and sweating in the higher-than-normal California temps that day. How could one not be inspired by that?

I guarantee that this woman, much like anyone else that would run an half marathon in over 3 hours, exerted enough physical energy and mental toughness to be more than deserving of a medal. And it makes me angry when the running community ~ which for the most part is so incredibly welcoming and supportive ~ takes an elitist approach.

As most of might have figured out by now, I am not a stellar half marathon runner (shhhhh…don’t tell anyone else!). There are so many variables and “what if’s” along a course of 13.1 miles that could easily set me back and push me back into the over 3 hour category. If that was me, and I pushed through leg cramps (oh, which I certainly have) and mental adversity to complete a HM course – you bet your sweet selves I would be demanding a medal. And no runner should ever settle for less.

I understand the need for time limits and road closures ~ and I’m okay with it. So if it’s a time limit issue, then call it a time limit ~ and all of us slowpokes would be understanding. But if a race is just going to be greedy with its medals, then it can count me out.

I’ll take my money and my slowpoke behind to another race that has an appreciation of what it really takes for runners like me to complete a race.

Okay, rant over. Back to the regularly scheduled programming.

****Ranter's Note: after some time to re-look at the website and come out of my tizz, apparently they have changed some of the verbiage and indicated that the time limit IS a road closure issue.....not just a "you're to slow to get a medal issue. As promised above, I will be understanding from now on ;) I just won't go run their race, LOL! :) ****

Monday, April 21, 2008

Pat's Run

I'm in such *relief mode* now that Pat's Run is done and in the books. I was pretty nervous about my readiness ~ or lack therof ~ after a couple weeks off.....but it all ended up okay.

I had a great run with buddy Eileen ~ who I realized early on is a much stronger runner than she gives herself credit for ;) It was a perfect day, perfect weather, and perfect company.

Eileen and I set out with 17,000 of our closest friends for a nice 4.2 mile run. For those who don't know much about the Pat Tillman legacy that runs strong here in the Phoenix area, you can read about it HERE. In short, Pat was an ASU football player (GO DEVILS!!!), turned professional with the AZ Cardinals ~ and basically walked away from a lucrative NFL contract to go serve our country in Iraq. Sadly, Pat was killed by *friendly fire* and his death is still somewhat a sore subject for AZ locals. The Pat Tillman Foundation was created in his honor ~ it provides college scholarships for future leaders. It is a fantastic legacy.

The race is 4.2 miles, and ends on the 42 yard line of Sun Devil Stadium. Can you guess what Pat's jersey number was at ASU? :P

As an ASU alum, and someone who watched Tillman play for quite a while and knew the kind of person he was, this race is near and dear to my heart. People of all ages, shapes, sizes and motivations show up to walk / run and just show support for Pat Tillman and all he stood for. It's a very cool thing.

Sooo.....that being said ~ here's Eileen and I at the start:

(picture shamelessly stolen from Eileen's blog ;)

We headed out with the adrenalin rush of the race, and completed our first mile at a pretty good pace. I'm hoping that we truly got Eileen her fastest mile, as she had suspected when we stopped for a water break at Mile 1!!

We ran at a nice pace, stopping when one of us needed a break. My legs were pretty tired (the good ol' concrete shoes again) but overall, everything was in order. Chip time was 52:35, with an average pace of 12:33. I'll take it! It's miles on the books after a long drought ~ so I consider it a great success :)

On top of that, a race is always a great motivation for me to get myself back on track. I'm hoping for at least 2 short runs this week, and a medium-long run over the weekend. I'm tired of seeing that big, fat ZERO in my weekly mileage total!!!!

Happy Monday ~ if there is such a thing :P

Friday, April 18, 2008

If you're not well trained...

....then at least be well rested.

Someone wise once told me that (in jest, I think!) ~ but it's my motto for Pat's Run tomorrow.

It's really the only approach given my lack of running over the past week, due to traveling and other life happenings.

If I walk....then I walk. It's only 4.2 miles, so not a biggie if it isn't a stellar run. I'll be trucking along with Eileen, so at least I know the company will be good!

SUPER LUCK to Marathon Dude Bill who is running Boston this weekend, and any other peeps that are racing too!

Happy weekend everyone :)

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I got new shoes

So do you like them?

You too can have a pair of concrete shoes ~ all it takes is a whole lotta bad food and a whole week of no running.

I took these bad boys out for a spin this morning ~ oh, what a run.

But okay, so I ran. FINALLY.

So now Eileen can rest and not have to worry about scheduling an intervention ;) and Scary Woman doesn't need to threaten me via text messages to chase me down the street!!! All is good again.

But I can't sugarcoat ~ the run stunk. Sucked. Horrible. 5 miles and it all hurt. Okay, maybe not hurt ~ but it certainly wasn't comfortable. My legs screamed at me the whole way - trying to figure out how the heck I could expect them to propel me forward for an hour after letting them slack for over a week.

Somehow I made it out and back on my usual 5 mile route ~ even though the urge to turn around at the 1.5 mile mark was way too strong. I needed to get the miles in today ~ no matter how ugly they were.

So, I ran. And walked. And complained. And ran some more. And in the end, the mission was accomplished. Luckily Garmie was dead in the drawer when I headed out, so I can't even complain about how slow I was. A run is a run.

And as a wise, wise woman said to her son this past Tuesday after a tough workout with his trainer:

That's why it's called a workout. If it was supposed to be easy, it would be called a nap.


Friday, April 11, 2008

Who can guess... many miles I've run this week?

Anyone? Anyone?????

Oh that's right.......I remember......

And how many times did I work out???? Yup, you guessed it. Open me up a big case of fat, lazy GOO.

I have a million excuses, if you'd like to hear them. The first being that Hubby is out of town all this week, so I am juggling work, kids, and life in general all by myself. AND I can't exactly go out and run in the early morning or evening while the kidlets are asleep.....And......I'm tired. And....AF is visiting me and I'm miserable. And......

Oh, sorry....excuses suck. I always forget that part. Did I also mention that I have a nice, working treadmill in my garage? No, it didn't slip my mind ~ I just chose to be lazy instead.

Now I could move on and tell you all the reasons why I can't run next week either ~ mostly related to traveling to NC, 12 hour days at the office and nights of little or no sleep.

But that would be more excuses.

I'd also love to ramble on about how irritated I am that I can't seem to lose weight, but then surely one of my wise RBF's would point out way too many obvious problems with the *Plan* that I am apparently not on.

Heard enough? Me too. I have a couple of good runs, a couple good days or weeks of smart eating....and then I fall off track again. I am very frustrated. Something has got to change here soon.


Your Friday Friend Flubber

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Two years ago today was my very first 5K race. That race that was party of my training program fo the impending *big* 12K race in September 2006 ~ and was also the race that set me on the path of wanting to become a runner!

I am still on that very same path ~ only my sights are set a little higher these days ;)

In two years, I have completed 2- 5K races (weird, huh? It's obviously not my favorite distance); one 2M; one 4.2M; one 12K, and 3- half marathons.

Apparently, I'm not quite the experienced racer that I sometimes think I am!! Only two 5K's???? I gotta get moving :) And somebody find me a good 10K!!!!!

I still have my 5K race tshirt, and very first pair of running shoes tucked up on a shelf in my closet. I attribute those items to getting me off the couch and on to the pavement. My hope is to have many more races to brag about by the time my next anniversary comes around!

Happy Running!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Olympic Victories

"Treat every accomplishment as if it were an Olympic victory."

I can't remember where I heard or read that (sorry to whatever wise person had such a great statement), but I think of it often, and use it equally as often when someone else is having trouble seeing the accomplishment in each and every small step of running.

So this weekend I had my own Olympic victory. I think I even earned a Bronze Medal in the Turtle Division :)

I headed out just after 6am for a solo run. I wasn't daring enough to plan to go *long* by myself, but I figured a medium distance run of 6.5 miles would do the trick.

As I headed out the door, the battery bar in my iPod was flashing red (crap!), as I was walking to the corner Garmie beeped loudly and told me his battery was low as I started my run, it was anybody's guess who would die first: my iPod, Garmie....or me :)

I am more than happy to say we all made it home alive and in tact ~ and again, feeling like a rockstar. I ran the entire 6.5 miles ~ only stopping for a couple seconds at stop lights (I am a law abiding citizen, you know...).....and oh yeah, I did take a nice walk break at the 3 mile mark to eat a Gu and take a good water break.

It was also at that point where I had a nice, long talk with some body parts. After 3 miles, my arm was screaming at me that it didn't exactly like the tank shirt I had chosen for this run. Apparently after the winter, it's time to get the ol' arms reconditioned for a bit of exposure rubbing ;) So I had a little pep talk ~ c'mon arm chub, it's time to get with the program! I covered the raw spot with the armband from my iPod (a big initial OUCH) and trucked on.

It was slow, and wonderful. It was another olympic victory for me. A continous, 6.5 mile run. Yeeeeeeeeee Hawwwwwwwwwwww!!!!

After my post a while back about conquering the half marathon distance, Jeff asked me how I would know when I conquered would it feel? And I had thought about it then when he posed the question, and thought I knew....but Saturday's run reaffirmed for me. I will just know.

This Saturday, I conquered 6.5 miles. I knew within 5 minutes of the start that I would do it. I could feel it. It's just something in my gut.

Now that doesn't mean that the next time I head out for 6.5 miles ~ or even less ~ that I just might not get my butt kicked. A one-time-conquering of the distance doesn't give you a lifetime guarantee.

It just means for that distance, on that day, at that moment ~ I win.

My hope is that all my running friends will experience their own Olympic victories this week. Dont't overlook them ~ they are right under your nose.

Happy Running!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Reasons Not to Run a Marathon

Every now and then, I come across something that really speaks to me. I mean ~ don't get me wrong ~ all the motivation and banter in blogland always speaks to me in some capacity......but every so often I find something that really SCREAMS at me. Today I found this.

It's an old post ~ from December 2007~ from this blog. I was laughing, and almost crying at the same time ~ and I've never even run a marathon ;)


Only a person who has slipped in some idiot juice and fallen face-first into a vat of "I'm off my tree" would even consider it. Insanity clean-up on aisle three!

Think about it: driving for 26.2 miles is a pain in the arse, and you're thinking about running it with 40,000 people in your car?

Here's a suggestion. Slip a stone into your shoe and walk around for 6 hours. Then see how on top of Ol' Smokey and covered in failure you feel. Oh, and don't forget to surround yourself with other insane asylum escapees who will happily throw little paper cups of sticky liquid in your face and call it "aid".

'Cause that's a marathon.

And if you're still going to do it, you're playing footsies with your own delusions. You're slick with the idiot juice. Practically pickled in it after four months of training.


And you'll know you're insane at Mile 18 of your precious marathon. You'll shake hands with Mile 18 and discover it has a cold, wet-fish handshake that lingers a little too long.
But there's more. Over mile 18's shoulder, you'll spot something else. In the distance. Here comes Insanity Check, riding over the horizon on a ruddy great mare. This sinewy thoroughbred will pull up right in front of you and snort in your reddened face. At which point Insanity Check will dismount and stick a fork in your thigh to see if any juice comes out. And none will.

'Cause that's a marathon.

That's why insane people scream.

Which brings us to the second reason NOT to run a marathon.

TWO: IT HURTS MORE THAN YOUR NEIGHBOR PLAYING CELINE DION AT 3AM. Unless you work at Marlene's House of Pleasure and Pain (50% off on Bring your own Whip Wednesdays), you don't have to put up with that shit.Seriously, if your knees are crying like baby kittens left in a burlap sack, GIVE UP! If the arches of your feet are burning brighter than banned books at a bonfire, PACK IT IN! And when you see a couple duck out of the race and into the subway in Brooklyn, don't think 'Losers'. Think, 'Now that's smart.'

For God's sake, don't shuffle on.

So what if your friends are at a pub on First Avenue and 88th Street? So what if that happens to be mile 18 and their cheers give you the will to carry on? In the Bronx at mile 21 you'll curse them to hell and back. You'll resent them for not telling you to stop and come inside for a beer. A. Nice. Cold. Beer. And that pain in your foot? It's not going to go away.

Hobbling up the hill on 5th Avenue - a hill that's longer than a Kevin Costner directed epic - you'll have a pain epiphany.

You'll see your body for what it really is. A machine. A ruthless, selfish, hungry beast that is sucking every conceivable gram of energy out of you with its pistons and gaskets and hydraulic need.

It will feed on itself and steal what it can from your blood, your teeth and your hair. It will raid the cupboard of your daydreams and suck the color from the freckles of your face. And it will never stop.

There will be a point where even running through the sticky dried carpet of Gatorade on the road requires too much effort. Too much pain to lift your feet off the sticky tarmac.

The thought that you will need to willingly run though all of this and suffer the consequences in the days after - grinning wildly as you prop your feet up on a pillow - simply proves the first point.

THREE: PEOPLE MIGHT ADMIRE YOU.Who the hell needs admirers? If you're looking for buddies, get on Facebook and friend farm 'til the zombies come home. Join Twitter and follow someone off a cliff. Start blogging long and meaningful posts about your dog, then search optimize that puppy.

What you don't need in life is random comments from real people who are standing right in front of you. Comments about how awesome they think you are. Or how proud they are of you.
You don't need people to tell you that when you texted them at mile 11, just to let them know you had leg cramps and had stopped at a med tent for salt, it felt as though they'd just heard you'd been shot.

And you sure as hell don't need someone telling you that when they saw you on First Avenue running towards them at 88th Street, they thought to themselves, "Holy shit, she's really going to do it."

Do you really need to see them jumping up and down on the side of the road, and screaming for you, and hugging and chasing after you? Really?

Because who the hell knows how to deal with that kind of in-your-face compliment? How do you even react to that kind of reality? That would mean you have friends. That would mean that you were actually doing something extraordinary.

And face it. We all know that's just not you.

FOUR: MEETING PEOPLE. IT'S IRRITATING.Runners belong to the worst kind of cult. They have secret codes and a language with words like fartlek and GU, but they don't have a well-fortified compound.

They just start conversations. Randomly. With anyone. It's annoying. They talk to you at the start of a race, about all sorts of messed up shit. Like how to avoid chaffing like wheat in a threshing machine. And you've never even met them before in your life!

It's like they think that just because we're all sliding around in our body glide together, they have some right to slide all over you. That you really want to feel like you're part of something, and here's your chance. Pfftt!

And then there are the ones that live on the other side of the country, who will randomly read your pathetic running blog on and oh, wait for it, start a conversation with you.

Through the Internet.

They will spend four months encouraging and inspiring you to keep slogging away at your marathon training.


Because that person is now watching you. And you want to quit, but you can't because then you'd have to explain why to that person. That you're too lazy. That it's too hard. That your knees hurt. It's too hot. You've got blisters. You're too hung-over.

You can't use these excuses because he's doing the same marathon you are and you're supposed to meet up at some point, face-to-face.

There'll also be a surprise. You'll find out that not everyone you meet on the Internet is an axe-wielding, homicidal psycho billy. Because you'll meet up with them in a public place (you never can be sure, so pick somewhere crowded), and find out that runners are runners are runners and they're a very irritatingly lovely cult, whether you meet them in the start corral or online.
Still, the Internet is filled to the gills with psychos. You might want to write that on a post it and stick it on the side of your monitor.

FIVE: YOU MIGHT LIKE YOURSELF.The Supreme Being is totally against that. You need to always feel just a little unworthy in life. Aim to be at the top of the worthless class - the Valedictorian of Self-Loathing. Running a marathon is not going to help you achieve that goal.
Running a marathon will burn your body right down to the nub, while also flooding your soul tank with gallons of "I am the shit!" fuel. Who wants that?

Those last three miles through Central Park where you decide to run the rest of the way just to get it over with faster - what do you think that'll do for you? Make you feel like you're achieving something? Make you think that you're overcoming the hardest challenge you've ever had in your life?

Do you really want people cheering you, and saying your name as you run past? Like you're special or something? Trust me, you don't want to feel special. It sucks.

If you're running a marathon, you're an idiot. You should be crying as you turn the corner at Columbus Circle. Because holy crapsticks in a crayon case, look at how wrecked you look on the JumboTron. Don't throw your arms in the air just because you're 500 yards from the finish. Drop out. Now. No one cares.

Actually, why aren't you crying? You know, insanity hurts the whole family, and it's not natural to feel this good when you're actually feeling this bad.

To top it all off, now your face is hurting from the huge smile that you can't seem to eradicate as you cross the finish line. More pain? Really? It's over, and you can't even walk. No medal slung around your neck, or silver blanket around your shoulders is gonna help you get to the truck where your bag is. A truck that's even further away because you have the misfortune to have a surname that starts with an M.

And do you really think that your pain is gonna slip away like hot oil when you see your friends outside the park? Their hugs will just continue to trip the needle in your internal awesomeness meter to condition red. You don't need that.

Trust me. If you know what's good for you, don't run a marathon. Stay in your safe little unchallenged cocoon because it's easier. It's nice and comfortable. And face it; after you've run a marathon, nothing lives up to that. Everything else is...bleh.

Just don't do it. I dare you.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


I figured since my trusty partner was *missing,* the least I could do was to help in the search.

So if you haven't already, meet Micheline. My partner in crime, my motivator, butt kicker, pie-in-the-sky-have-no-limitations friend. If you have a chance, pop on over to her blog (which she rarely updates....AHEM!) and give her a dose of her own medicine ~ a good ol' version of butt kicking motivation! :P


So in less than 24 hours, I've had 5 of the great blogging runners throw their hat (at least preliminarily) into the ring for the American Odyssey Race in April 2009! On top of that, Micheline is tapping her running networks ~ and it's pretty certain we will have no problem filling a team.

KUDOS to the following runners for taking the plunge ~

Now I just need to get them to sign a non-disclosure agreeement and promissory note not-to-cancel after I fill them in on exactly how bad I smell after running ;)

Obviously we are still in the very soft planning stages, just trying to see if there is interest out there. There are still open slots on the team ~ so if I haven't harrassed you personally via email or the like, please consider yourself harrassed and come run with us!

Oh yeah ~ now on to my current running.

Okay, there hasn't been any. Wasn't that easy?

Plan is for 3 miles tonight (fingers crossed that time allows) and 6-7 miles early Saturday morning. Wish me luck :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

American Odyssey Relay Run

Calling all runners!
Calling all runners!

Without sounding too much like an infomercial, I need to know who out there is looking for a great running experience for 2009!

I am now taking applications for a running team for the 2009 American Odyssey Relay!! If Micheline can round up 5 runners, and I can round up 5 runners ~ we are going to consider this bad boy!

Applications requirements are this:

1. You must want to run 3 legs of a 200 mile relay run
2. You must be willing to laugh, have fun, and not have an aversion to spending 24 hours with me in a van :P
3. You must be able to laugh at yourself, and 11 others, in regards to whatever might happen in a van over a 24 hour period!

Simple, yes?

So email me if it’s something that lights you up!


In other news, a variety of mishaps kept the TRC from reuniting last weekend as scheduled, but all was not lost. I purposely did not check my email before going to bed, so that I would make sure to be up and going regardless of who was running…or wasn’t running….with me. So I got in 5 miles on my own ~ slow, but no walk breaks. I came home feeling like a rockstar.

Yesterday morning brought another short run ~ only 2.6 miles based on time constraints. But I was exhausted, and it was a lousy run, so I wasn’t sad to see it end.

I fell short of a 50-mile month for March ~ which is kind of a downer. But that’s what a half marathon, followed by vacation did for me. No worries. I got it all covered.