Thursday, April 3, 2008


I figured since my trusty partner was *missing,* the least I could do was to help in the search.

So if you haven't already, meet Micheline. My partner in crime, my motivator, butt kicker, pie-in-the-sky-have-no-limitations friend. If you have a chance, pop on over to her blog (which she rarely updates....AHEM!) and give her a dose of her own medicine ~ a good ol' version of butt kicking motivation! :P


So in less than 24 hours, I've had 5 of the great blogging runners throw their hat (at least preliminarily) into the ring for the American Odyssey Race in April 2009! On top of that, Micheline is tapping her running networks ~ and it's pretty certain we will have no problem filling a team.

KUDOS to the following runners for taking the plunge ~

Now I just need to get them to sign a non-disclosure agreeement and promissory note not-to-cancel after I fill them in on exactly how bad I smell after running ;)

Obviously we are still in the very soft planning stages, just trying to see if there is interest out there. There are still open slots on the team ~ so if I haven't harrassed you personally via email or the like, please consider yourself harrassed and come run with us!

Oh yeah ~ now on to my current running.

Okay, there hasn't been any. Wasn't that easy?

Plan is for 3 miles tonight (fingers crossed that time allows) and 6-7 miles early Saturday morning. Wish me luck :)


K80K said...

You think you smell bad after a run? You haven't smelled me yet, lol. I am already planning in my little head to pack baby wipes and changes in running clothes if necessary, lol.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

WOW ! Great team already!!

RunnerGirl said...

Looks like your getting a great team together!

Nat said...

I am actually pretty excited about the whole thing, I hope it comes off. :) I have to talk to The Man (who may be running again soon.) I worry that I'm going to be too slow for the lot of you.

I reckon we just keep industrial size bottles of Febreeze in the van we can keep our stinkatude at bay.

Viv said...

Allright on getting a team up!!

Hope the 3 went fantastic!

LOL @ the missing running partner sign.

Jeff said...

Great wanted poster. Make sure you hang that in all the post offices nearby. Milk cartons work good, too!

As for the race, can't wait!

I've confirmed with Mrs. Formerly Fat Running Guy that we're set to host a post race soirre at our place. (We're about 45 minutes north of DC and 15 minutes from BWI.) We'll even hook the hose up out back for "showers"!

Chief Wahoo said...

Looks like we will be riding with the windows down -- or we may all be fighting just to keep running so we don't have to get back in the smelly van!