Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rock N Roll Half Marathon

I am totally behind in posting any kind of update on the half marathon last weekend, but life has just been extremely busy (and not entirely in the best of ways unfortunately). Between being sick with bronchitis for the past 2 weeks, and's left me in a bit of a running funk. Instead of whining, I tend to *hole up* for a while. Thus, the lack of posting ;)

I did go out and complete the Rock N Roll Half Marathon, and loved every minute of it. I honestly didn't mind if I went out and walked the entire thing ~ the goal was just to go and do it. I was still pretty sick, but it all went well.

I basically jogged the first 10K, walked the next 4 miles straight, and jogged in the last 5K. It's funny how much you can enjoy a race when there is no mental pressure to perform well :) I finished without leaving a lung on the sidewalk, in just over 3 it ended up being a very good day.

I'm still struggling with some endurance issues, and even a 5 mile run with the "3-C's" (Christina, Caroline and Candace) this morning proved to be a challenge. My schedule has me heading for Huntington Beach this weekend to run with the amazing Viv ~ so we gotta chat today and come up with a plan. Perhaps a down scale to the 5K might be more in order for me......we'll just have to see.

I don't have much of a race report, so I'll let it ride with some great pictures of some great running peeps at the RNR was a great time!

Pre-Race Pasta Dinner
(Pat, Candace, Christina, Caroline & Me)

Race Morning

(Christina, Caroline, Lisa, Me, Mary, Pat & Candace)

Some of the happy HM finishers
(Pat, Mary, Lisa & Me)

Huge congrats to both Pat and Lisa who seriously PR'd this race, and to Candace who ran her very first half marathon in a faster time than I even allow myself to imagine :) Great times!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

*Half* Minded Thoughts ~ T Minus 9 Days

  • 6 Mile taper-run tomorrow
  • Hope the leg holds up well and I don't cough up a lung
  • Lisa has the TP issue covered for RNR so I can sleep well tonight.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Got Nuthin'

I'm fresh out of brilliant or whiney things to say as we approach PF Changs Rock N Roll HM ~ which is now only 10 days away. Wonder if buddies Pat or Lisa have anything wise to say??

Random Running Thought ~ T Minus 10: