Monday, April 28, 2008

No Excuses


I love it! Nice job all you smarties that figured it out ~ and to all the resourceful bloggers that figured it easier just to read the preceding comments ;)

Several of the team members from American Odyssey pointed out that it could make a great team name! Dang, you guys are thinking!!! I think a few simple letters ~ translated into two simple words ~ goes a long way. At least, it usually does for me.

I had many great victories last week and over the weekend, and funny enough, only one of them was related to running. I had a great run on Saturday morning ~ up and out the door by 5:55am to beat the heat ~ and knocked out 6.75 miles. I revisited interval running with R5/W1 intervals, thinking it might help me pickup my over all pace (my last couple 5-6 mile runs were continuous and slow as molasses). But…… didn’t!! I was still slow ;) But it didn’t matter ~ I felt great for most of the run. The last 2 miles were my strongest, and I ran them continuously with no walk breaks. I was tempted to keep going longer, but I actually used my brain and remember that I need to rebuild mileage gradually. It’s just hard when a run feels so good.

Almost more importantly that my run, I realized over the course of the week that I was having many other small victories unrelated to running. No wait ~ they are actually very BIG victories for me.

Back in my Weight Watcher days, we used to call them NSV’s ~ Non-Scale Victories. This meant good choices and habits during the week, which didn’t always necessarily lead to pounds lost on the scale ~ but were personal victories nonetheless.

I am proud to say I had many NSV’s last week, which for me simply translates into good food choices. Specifically, things like throwing away the last bit of my boys’ french fries from McDonald’s (which I loooooooove) instead of chowing them myself; or having one Entemann’s donut hole and not being tempted to eat the entire box. It meant having salads over burgers, fruit and yogurt for snacks over junk food ~ and the best part……not even feeling like I was depriving myself. I felt fabulous!

I am not sure what switched in my brain last week ~ nor am I totally na├»ve enough to think that it will last there permanently without struggle….or if it is just a temporary phase of “being good” ~ but whatever happened, I like it. I feel a bit different about it than I have in the past ~ wondering if this is really THE time that it will stick with me.

Only time will tell that ~ but for now, all is well. And as a bonus, I was treated to a real *scale victory* and turned up down 3 pounds ;)

Now the plan is to get through my outpatient surgery tomorrow ~ just a little elective girlie-type procedure ~ and come back running in a couple days…..and keep eating healthy this week when I won’t exercise much.

I have a new weight loss goal: 10 pounds by June 1st. Anyone else up for a 10 pound challenge? Any wagers huh, huh, huh?

Remember: No Excuses!


Wes said...

Nah! You'd kick my butt :-)

Nitmos said...

Nice running. Take care after the little outpatient surgery thingy. Speed training really burns the lbs FWIW.

Laura N said...

Woohoo! A great run and NSV's. Plus a 3 pound loss. Great week. Great job!

I am totally up for a 10 pound challenge, but I can't lose 10 by June 1. I think I can lose 10 by August 1st. I'll be rooting for you to hit 10 by 6/1. You can SO totally do it!

Laura N said...

I just realized I said "totally" twice in the same paragraph. Wow, can you say child of the 80s? =)

K80K said...

I could definitely live with 10 less lbs. Might take you up on that challenge.

We could hit up Zazzle and get some tech t's printed out with the team logo on them for the AOR.

Bev said...

What a great week!

I'm still working on my 10 pound challenge, but I would be up for a contest. What do you have in mind? I'm a sucker for competition.

Running Knitter said...

Awesome job on the run and loosing three pounds! YAY!

I'm in for the challenge!

Nat said...

10 pounds is too much for me, but I'll put myself down for a mere 5... unless I dive head first into the hagendaas. Then I'll just let you claim the victory.

fawn said...

Sign me up for the 10-pound challenge. Having a definite goal, and working toward it with others, is more motivating than going it alone.
Why not? I'm in.

Congrats on your victories!

Jeff said...

Great goal, Poke.

I'm thinking after my full next week I fear going the other way, but if there's nothing on the line, I'm in!

Susan said...

I'm in if I don't have to post my starting weight!

J~Mom said...

I am looking to lose 10 by the end of the summer..not the beginning. Does that count? LOL

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Thinking of you on the girlie endeavors. I'll say a prayer.

Love the initials. I may borrow that sometime.

Take care!! Great choices. Nice work.

Terri (Middle-of-the-Pack Girl) said...

Good for you on all those victories and I wish you lots of luck on that outpatient surgery. You should know you are one of the reasons I started to blog. I came across your blog one day when I was looking for inspiration, and I found it reading about your running those half-marathons, and your dislike of hills (I don't like them much either.) Keep it up!

Oh, and by the way your pictures from Hawaii were just beautiful. I saved one of them as my desktop wallpaper at work.

RunningNan said...

I'd love to join you for a 10 pound challenge, but I'm at the point where the losing is slow. I'll join along for the fun anyway!

Mendy said...

I'm with you on the 10lb weightloss! I'll join ya.

You did great with your choices! That's the first step - so that's what *they* tell me.

Jill said...

Hey Pokey! I came to visit you today!!

Great job on all your NSVs - sometimes those are better than SVs!!

10 pounds in 2 months???? I would love that but somehow the fat on my thighs is in rebellion right now and refuses to get the heck outta Dodge!! Can you lose it for me?? That'd be great, thanks!

Cheryl said...

Great job on the NSV's, good food choices, and the weight loss! Good for you!

I'm up for the 10 pound challenge. I've been fighting the battle of the bulge, and so far the donuts and fries are winning. :-(

Carly said...

I am in for the 10lb challenge! sign me up.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great job with the food choices! To me, that's tougher than doing a hard run. Keep it up and good luck with the procedure.

Kim said...

Awesome job with the running!!

I would LOVE to lose 10 pounds by June 1st. Sign me up!!

Viv said...

Congrats on the Tillman run!
Amen on the sub 3 hrs. I think all finishers should get a medal period.
I loved that "rant" which was just the truth hun, let it spill :-D
ALlright I am up for a 10lb challenge. Sign me up! Way to have that power to pass up the no goods. Great NSV a term I am so familliar with.

The 311 Boys Mom said...

Great job!! I'm glad the outpatient went well.

I'm in on the 10 lbs by June 1.