Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Everybody's Doing It

First it was Planks by Nancy……then Family Planks by Pat raised the bar………..and now it’s Pushups by Bev………..when is all the peer pressure going to stop?

Are you all just trying to find new and improved ways to embarrass me? As if my running skills weren’t enough good material??? :P

Okay, okay. I needed some core and strength training so I’m going to give it all a whirl.

I’ll be sure to post how many planks and pushups that I can’t do ;)


Marcy said...

Hey don't feel bad!! I'm NOT doing plants or push ups anytime soon LOL. In fact I'm sure you could kick my butt LOL

Pat said...

Other contests we might find out about:

Javamom's mocha marathon.
Obrat's TastyKakes in ten minutes
Marcy's bathroom to bathroom sprint and photo op.
Eric's A Mountain climb
Taryn and Clay's Run and shoot.


Pokey's Run,plank,sit up, repeat race.

Laura said...

Don't forget Topher's run for donuts and my run for Tasti-D!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

hee hee hee hee hee. For the record, I did not put the pressure on to do planks...well, only myself, but if you saw the pictures, you would understand why I have been on a mission. It's just so sad...

Now, 9 on the 9th?? You better be there :D

Viv said...

I always say gotta work the core when I am at the gym. I do all i came into to do and then say, oh the core...I will do it tonight, yea right! It so needs it, so scary.
Good luck, you will be pokey the plankster =)

Bev said...

Nothing like a forced march eh! At least I didn't make it one armed push-ups.

Mendy said...

I really need to start doing the push-ups, as I have to do those for my military Fitness test, so I'll start with those and do the planks too - hey why not?

Poke, you know you want to!

Taryn said...

That comic totally made me laugh out loud... I've got stashes of chocolate in a couple of sneaky places & have wondered what Clay would do if I was suddenly gone. Maybe it's time to fess up?

And I'm with you on the planks & pushups. Seriously, what purpose do those things serve in life??

And alright... just saw Pat's post. Very funny.

J~mom said...

Ok, I have to try me one of these plank things. LOL