Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Lunching with the Ladies & a Late Night Run

The only real highlight of my day today was a fun-tastic lunch date with Lisa and Taryn at Sweet Tomatos, followed by a long, tiring day of work at the office and a couple of out-of-control kids this evening. It was only fitting that I needed a run.

Somehow at 9pm I drug my exhausted tail out of the house for some sleep walking.

At least I will be well-rested, as the Mileage Maven has dicated 11 miles for this Saturday.


Lap 1: 12:31
Lap 2: 12:07
Lap 4: 12:47

Total: 3.0 miles
Time: 37:26
Average pace: 12:28



J~Mom said...

Your times look fantastic!! Don't make me beat you with a stick. :>P We seriously probably ran a circle around each other. I should have called you!

Wes said...

What happened to lap 3? Where you sleeping again during the middle of your run ;-)

I {heart} the determination of people that run at 9 PM :-) Really!!!

Rob said...

hanging in there when you don't feel like doing it shows determination. Great job.

Marathoner in Training said...

I am so mad at you and Lisa for not inviting me to lunch with you. I am so depressed, that I think I will cry.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I want to lunch with the ladies, except you'd probably have to cut my food for me. :D

Great job going out when you were tired. You are doing fantastic!!

Pat said...

You can never go wrong with sweet tomatoes. Howvever, I found the best foodie deal - Taco Tuesdays at Rubio's. $1 tacos and you can get a $2 coupon if you do there survey. that's free fish tacos.

Oh, nice run too.

Lori said...

So jealous you got to have lunch with Taryn again! (alright and Lisa, too, I suppose :P)

Nice job getting that run done! I thought the same as Wes and figured you just slept through Lap 3 ;)

Chief Wahoo said...

Does running that late make it hard for you to get to sleep? If I ran that late in the evening I would not be able to get to sleep until 2am!

Cheryl said...

Good for you, getting out there and getting in the run at the end of a long day. Way to go!

I wondered the same thing as Wes and Lori-- guess you really were sleepy!

Viv said...

Awesome on getting out there after a long day. Those splts do not state sleep walking :-)
The lunch sounds great. I love that place, their soups are amazing!

Nat said...

Well done. I love a run after a hard day. Sort of washes the worries away.

Good luck with the 11-miler!

Topher said...

Mmmmm. Sweet Tomatoes sounds good right now. We love that place. The hostest/heres-your-tray-and-welcome lady at ours is an elderly lady from Germany. She always says "Velcom to Sveet Tumata's" and it makes us smile. We actually call it Sveet Tumata's now in our family.

RunnerGirl said...

Great job getting out there and running!

Mendy said...

That's so cool you all met up. I wish I'd been there. :-(