Saturday, January 19, 2008

Recovery Run ~ with a new running group


Yes, it’s true ~ I had a new group of running partners this morning. Due to some schedule conflicts, I wasn’t able to hook up with Lisa as I had hoped, so I hesitantly prepared myself for a solo recovery run.

It’s amazing the friends that end up coming out of the woodwork on an early, cold morning when one is preparing to run alone ~ especially following a lousy race and a subsequent week of vacation from running.

So I headed out with my buddies: Mr. Lazy, Mr. Headache, Miss Cramps, Mr. Paranoia, Miss Resolve ~ and of course, Mr. Garmin.

Mr. Lazy gave me grief while I was laying in bed, continually snoozing the alarm and waiting for the sun to come up. We argued quite a bit, and he protested loudly as I headed downstairs to get ready. He whined and complained while I was stretching ~ which took quite a while as my muscles were as tight as they could possibly be ~ so I finally put him in his place. FINE, I told him ~ stay home. I am going running.

The rest of us headed out in to the cool 29 degree temps. As you can imagine, my legs were heavy for the first mile while I drug the remaining running buddies along with me. Miss Cramps was complaining from the start and refused to be quiet. (I am thinking that maybe Mendy left her in my car after last Sunday???) I was counting on the Advil that I had taken earlier (to rid myself of Mr. Headache) to also appease her complaints. She was persistent ~ but I was more.

Mr. Paranoia made himself known with each and every step I took, and perpetuated the vivid recollection of the wicked leg cramps I faced last Sunday. I tried to block him out with the fantastic music on my iPod, but he could not be swayed.

Mr. Garmin was apparently just as exhausted from RNR last Sunday as I was, and he bailed on me just before our first mile was completed. It was a blessing, actually ~ as he tends to put a lot of pressure on me, and it was good just to be out running this morning and not worrying about time or pace. I had planned to follow my typical 5 mile route, so the fact that Mr. G needed more recovery time wasn’t a deterrent.

So we trucked on ~ by the second mile, I had kicked Miss Cramps to the curb. She was not allowed to ruin a good recovery run.

Mr. Paranoia held tight for quite a while. It wasn’t until just after mile 2, with my legs feeling FANTASTIC and my mind feeling even better ~ that I was able to bid him a farewell with the help of Miss Resolve, who had been relatively quiet up to that point. There was no reason for me to be paranoid about cramping. I was out for a nice, leisurely run and I felt GREAT! Miss Resolve reminded me of what I am capable of, and of how far I have come as a runner. She talked me into running the full 2.5 miles to the turnaround point, without walk breaks. Miss Resolve said there was no reason to hurry and to enjoy the run. I really like Miss Resolve.

So I ran ~ slow as slow can be ~ the full 5 miles without walk breaks. I stopped at the 4 mile point to stretch my calves as my right one was starting to feel a little tight….. and then Miss Resolve and I headed home ~ me, with the biggest smile on my face :)

It’s really hard to find good running “buddies,” especially on a morning like today. While I prefer my REAL buddies from the TRC, I think a recovery run with the group at hand this morning was especially beneficial. It taught me who my enablers are, and how selective I should be with who I allow in my brain to run with me. I LOVE RUNNING.

Recovery Run

Distance: 5 miles
Time: As long as it took to cover the distance without walking
Average pace: slow and steady


Pat said...

I got a little jealous there. but, i've run with some of them and they aren't as good as the ole TRC.

Nat said...

I think after my last half it took me two weeks to get off the couch.

I liked this post.

Laura said...

Sorry you got stuck with some bad buddies! Lately I have been running with Ms. Sore IT Band, who isn't much fun either. St least she doesn't come biking with me! Thanks for a fun post .

Cheryl said...

I loved this post! Good for you, Pokey! Now I need to learn to stop listening to my bad buddies all the time, too. Yay for Miss Resolve! :-)

Taryn said...

Oh, I'm glad you ditched those friends! Yay for getting back out there!

J~mom said...

I was like 'gasp' she ditched us! WHEW! I didn't even get out the door this morning without my buddies. I think Pat has a 5K next Saturday, should we join him?

Marcy said...

LMAO I was with Lisa for a second. I thought "OMG she ditched Pat and Lisa for new runners?!?"

Way to get it down Karen!! ;D ;D

Viv said...

Great job on getting it done, Poke!!

I would stick with the orginal running buddies gang :-D

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I was totally gasping too. I was thinking, ooo, very brave, new running buddies? That takes me weeks to work up to while continually warning them about how slow I really am. :D

You know what I say, USE MY CLUB, beat those bad boys back. You and Miss Resolve can borrow my club anytime those other jerks think they want to come along.

Wes said...

Sounds like my run yesterday. Awesome! I like easing back into it early after a race. Keeps the home fires burning :-)

Lori said...

Awesome run! 5 miles with no walk-breaks ROCKS! Glad you haven't given up the TRC altogether ;)

The 311 Boys Mom said...


I love those people.

I'm totatlly gonna look them up!!!!

Check out HAlf-Fast & you should do the Shave your 5K challenge!!!

YOu'd totally rock it & ytou have an excellent group of friends!

Mendy said...

Yeah, you got me to on that one.

I sure don't wish those cranky cramps on anyone during a run, no matter the distance.

That's a great run and so awesome you went without the walk breaks. Great job!!!

Jeff said...

Look on the bright side, they run at EXACTLY the same pace you do!

Chief Wahoo said...

Nice job leaving your new running buddies in the dust!