Thursday, January 3, 2008

Clothing woes

I have a dilemma. Before I can even start working on my goals for this year, I have a clothing debacle that must be solved:


Stupid question, you ask? Not really. I have had many clothing woes over the past few weeks due to the colder weather.

First off, I am a SHORT girl. Yes, I happen to be only 5’4” tall, but that’s not what I mean. I mean that I only like to wear running shorts ~ not pants. This worked fine for me up until early December ~ I would wear 2 layers on top (a long sleeve shirt with a short sleeve over the top) and my running shorts. I even had Lisa poised at each run to make sure that I resisted the urge to wear pants when I thought it was too cold out….because I HATE running pants.

I hate running pants for 2 reasons: First, I am a sweater. No, not the argyle or cashmere type ~ the type of runner that can still be dripping with ridiculous amounts of perspiration after only 5 minutes of running in 40 degree weather. So pants make me HOT. I would wear shorts all season long if I could.

And I thought that I could until a long run a few weeks back. The weather was SO cold that I couldn’t really feel my legs from the mid-thigh up ~ and by the time I got home after 9 miles I had rubbed a 2x2 inch piece of skin off the inside of my leg and it was RAW :( My shorts didn’t necessarily ride up ~ they just rubbed for long enough without me feeling it to cause some serious damage. I had a scab for over a week, and don’t ever wish to relive that wonderful experience.

So lesson learned: no shorts in sub-50 degree temps.

So I dug thru my closet ~ through all the running gear I bought back when I first started this crazy habit ~ and dug out a pair of these:

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE these Brooks running pants. They have suited me well during the cold temps. But last week, I discovered a problem.

The pants have been great during short runs. They are spandex-based ~ so I typically have worn a longer than normal Under Armor shirt over the top to cover up the basics. See, the real issue is ~ I don’t have the physique for these kind of pants. [translation: my butt is too big] So as long as I can cover up my physique, all is well.

Well during my 10-miler last week, when I needed to take along my waistpack ~ all chaos broke lose. The waistpack, along with the slippery UA shirt and the spandex pants, made my shirt ride up. I mean, completely. So I spent the first couple miles of my run fussing with my attire, hoping to keep my butt out of the line of sight of passing traffic. I was not entirely successful, and just eventually gave up and figured if they looked, then it was their own fault.

But obviously, this cannot be the case at RNR. I can’t have Marcy staring at my backside as I zoom past her, right? And it’s a public race, so I can’t run in *censored attire* as SOME of us have admitted to doing, right?

So, there lies my dilemma. It is going to be too cold for shorts, but my spandex pants are out of the question.

Micheline suggested wearing tights under my shorts….and I’m considering it, but just wondered if there were other options. I have to get it figured out by this weekend so I can make it to the running store to get what I need, and have time to try it out next week before the race.

What to wear ~ what to wear?


IM Able said...

I vote compression capri's -- they're warm enough, avoid the rubbage, and let you keep the sweating under control. Forget what your bum looks like -- YOUR RUNNING for goodness sakes! Anyway, with a jacket for the cold weather, most of your back side will be covered anyway.

Pick it, then forget about it and have fun!

Marathoner in Training said...

I vote for a slinky 2 piece bikini and running shoes. On the serious side, I will be in shorts and t-shirt.

Flo said...

I think you should move to Hawaii. You can always run in shorts here - always!!! And at 5'4" you're not that short. There are lots and lots of people of Asian descent much shorter than that. I know cuz I'm 5'4" :)

Chief Wahoo said...

Sorry - I can offer no advice of value here...

K80K said...

I am a Brooks runnings pants girl too. I also have the big butt problem, but I honestly don't care, lol. If it is cold on January 13th (I am running the WDW marathon the same days as the RNR) I will be wearing my pants with pride. My butt may be big but that day it will be carrying me 26.2 miles and I will be very proud of it by the end. :)

Topher said...

Can I tell you a secret? Did you know guys go through the same thing? In fact, I tend to get more worried about race-day wardrobe than the race itself. Shhh. Don't tell anyone.

Jason The Running Man said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, not sure if I can help with your problem but maybe the tights and just wear your shorts over them.

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO! You're not short! I'm 5'5" so one inch less is not short ;-)
I also feel your pain with being a sweater. I'm in the same boat. And be careful when you zoom by, I might just take a pic :P

You guys are having me all worried with what to wear now :P I'm thinking it's going to be tropical (and 40-50 seems like tropical to me LOL) but you all are talking pants?!?! I think I'm just going with shorts, short sleeve shirt and then a pullover on top of that. That should be good . . . I think. Gawwwdd I'll probably end up packing my tights just in case LOL

Pat said...

go to goodwill, buy some cheap running pants. run in them for 3-5 miles and discard them on the side of the road. Don't forget to put shorts on underneath. It will be 35-45 degrees at the start (hopefully - it was 28 last year). But, it should kick up into the 50's during the race. some runners even run with a plastic garbage bag to start.

Nat said...

Who cares about your ass. Although if it calls for weather in the 50s, Nike makes a great pair of compression capris. (Or go the thrift shop route and get something to cover up in.)

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh GAWD that IS a dilemma. You obviously do care or you wouldn't be writing all this. BTW, I DO care too. People think I am thinner than I am because I try to wear flattering things and only post flattering pics. :D :D :D I'm really one of the big girls. hee hee

I am usually good down to about 45 or 50 for shorts, so it probably is going to be an issue. Garbage bag might work depending on how cold the start is supposed to be. I think I would try the tights and shorts over. Or the compression capris.

And you SO know that Marcy is snappng a picture. You guys are going to have a blast!!!

RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

I'm going with shorts, too. I'm hoping for a run this weekend when it is in the 40s here and as long as all goes well then I'm not going to worry too much about it. I'll probably bring a pair of pants just in case, but I get stinking hot, too :P

Jeff said...

Really, I can't help, but thanks for the post -- great laugh at the end of the day.

Pat makes a great point -- you'll probably want to shed what ever you wear within a few miles so go to Goodwill and get something cheap.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

PS I forgot my most important secret. BRIGHT RED LIPSTICK.

Draw the eyes UP! :D

Viv said...

How about the compression tights that are capri's. I like Nike, because they have that neeto pocket in the back. I am 5'4 too, and that way they are just the right length. OMG, does that mean I am short too. I have been in denial :-)

Kym said...

2 options: Wear some compression spandex shorts underneath your regular pair of running shorts. You can likely find some cheapo ones at Target. Those will help a lot with the chub rub. I have that same problem in the cold and spandex shorts are my solution. Another option is to simply slather up with a ton of Body Glide or Aquaphor on the thighs and wear the shorts...and maybe re-apply 1/2way through the race.

I did this race last year when it was bitterly cold (I think it was a record low?!) at the start but I still needed shorts for the actual race. Pants will just be too warm. You might want to get to Goodwill and find some cheap throwaway pants & sweatshirt for the start...the race started late and it took something like 30 minutes to get to the start so I was cold!

Bev said...

I'm sure you'll get the outfit right, however I am a little offended. If 5'4" is short, what is 5'2"?

I always wondered if I officially qualified as a "little person". Maybe I can attend the conference this year.


Mendy said...

Hey! Looking forward to meeting you next weekend. Wow, that's really NEXT weekend! :-)

I wear shorts over 40 degrees, and plan on bringing mine. Looks like Marcy is on the same plan. But, I'll have to bodyglide like crazy, cause shorts lately have tended to give that oh so unpleasant experience of chafing. Bummer.

Anyway, don't worry about how you look. I really shouldn't say this because I care about how I look when running, but more importantly I want to be comfortable. You'll be fine whatever you choose.

See you next weekend! :-)

Carly said...

I can't live without my capri running tights......that is when I fit into them. They are great and the perfect weight.

The other thing I use that prevents the raw skin is Body Glide. This is a God Send. If you decide to wear shorts, lube up good with body glide. I have never had a problem with chaffing after using it.

Good luck on your race!

J~mom said...

Hey you! I am wearing shorts and doing what Pat said. So what I usually wear at our running club meetings and then I am going to buy a pair of sweat to discard once I am warmed up. :>) Hey, I am 5'4" also!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

my first thought is 'eh, who cares how you look!' I wore spandex bike shorts for one run once. it was scary but i decided i didn't care who saw. i don't do it often tho :)

tights under your shorts is good until you warm up. capri tighs under a skirt??? why don't they make leg warmers out of technical fabric in the same way they make arm warmers? you might be able to find knee warmers (check the bike shops).

Christie said...

I haven't been running long enough to have much input on this, but I came across this today. They're cute, stylish, and covers your backside.