Saturday, January 26, 2008

After a lazy week (well, lazy at least for one member) the TRC was back in action bright and early this morning at 6:30 am ~ in the 38 degree darkness of Tumbleweed Park ~ for a scheduled 10-miler (Lisa's idea of course ~ I would have been happy with 7 or 8) :P

We even had Pat ~ our group's sole Marathoner ~ back with us! It was AWESOME!

Here's how it all went down:

Now, Pat will say that he didn't hold up well. But the truth is, Pat was the same consistent, steady runner that he always is. He keeps Lisa and I on track (and from walking too much) and is the *rock* of our group. Pat's only fault from today was agreeing to 10 miles, when he probably should have been resting some more. I think he forgot that he ran 26.2 miles 2 weeks ago!!

Lisa will say that I was on drugs. Truth is ~ Shot Bloks and Nuun got me through today with flying colors, and yes ~ for a bit there, I felt like I was on speed ;) My left calf was very tight from about Mile 4-7 and it had me a bit nervous ~ then around Mile 8, I felt fantastic. We finished up the 10 miles and for the first time, I actually felt like I could have kept going. It was definitely the best run I've had for this distance.

Once I got home and got showered however, things changed a bit. My leg was SEVERELY tight and it felt just like it did after RNR after the cramping and spasming had stopped. So I am not sure what that means??? Did I damage something that is still repairing itself? Is it my muscle getting reacquainted to the long run? I'm not sure ~ but it wasn't anything an Advil couldn't cure ;)

As I was eating my lunch, my brain went all philosophical on me. Today was a great run ~ for which I am grateful ~ but I know that soon, probably this week, a bad run will follow. I get all tied up in knots when I have a bad run ~ and elated when I have a good one. I think I need to get a grip. Neither a bad run, nor a good run defines who we are as a runner. It is simply a result of what our body is capable of doing on any given day ~ given all life's variables, combined with our level of training. PERIOD. I need to approach each run with without hesitation and with no assumptions about my performance. I just need to RUN.

But today was a serious *mental* day for me. I needed today.

I needed my running buddies.

I needed my legs to move me for 10 miles without cramping.

I needed that GOOD RUN.

And I got it ~ so time to move on :)

Now I'm off to buy a few hundred cases of Shot Bloks and Nuun.

Long Run (R6W1):
Distance: 10.05 miles
Time: 2:10:00
Average pace: 12:56


Wes said...

Niiiiice :-) I heartily recommend rolling your legs with the stick or the Tiger Tail. I tend to cramp in the calves too, and I know it isn't fun!!

These are the kinds of runs that keep us coming back! Nicely done!!!

Pat said...

see I said that too. Wes is a wise man.

Here's my rule - I get to think about the bad runs for 5 minutes. I get to think about the good runs forever.

Viv said...

YAA! What a great 10 miler. Glad the calf loosened up and felt great. And you could do more, you go chickie!
How did you do that placing the garmin image like that. You gotta teach me Poke.
You can't beat y'alls running group, awesome company.

P.O.M. said...

Neither a bad run, nor a good run defines who we are as a runner.

SO TRUE. I like the way you put it!

I need to stock up on the bloks too. They are a life saver :) I had a great 10-miler today too. yeah for 10! I think 10 is the perfect distance.

J~mom said...

I couldn't have said it any better!! I loved, loved, loved the run today!! Thanks so much for being one of my running buddies!! XOXOXOXOXO

Jeff said...

10 miles -- just because! Way to go, Pokester.

Mendy said...

That's so wonderful!!! I'm very happy to hear you had a good run. I wish I knew what to say regarding your leg spasms. I'd agree that rolling might help. You all 3 are lucky to have each other to motivate and to celebrate in times like this!

Great job on the 10!!!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

yay!!! i LOVE that feeling.

Lori said...

I think we should go into business promoting the Shot Bloks! They have seriously earned themselves a very high place in my heart. There may even be a competition between them and the children some days ;)

Awesome 10-miler!

Chief Wahoo said...

The way I see it any run that you get up off the couch and do is a GOOD RUN!

Great job on the ten miler!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Yeah for you guys!! Man, you make it sound like shot bloks are a miracle. I think I need one today.

Laura N said...

Great job on the 10 miles. I've never run with a group of people. It sounds really motivating. You've got a great posse. Hope your calf works itself out. Ouch!

Laura N said...
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Laura N said...

Sorry, the delete was me. I double posted--DOH!