Friday, May 30, 2008

And on the 5th Day....

She Rests.

[insert happy dance HERE]

Today is a full-fledged, no-workout day! (Hear me breathing a sigh of relief?)

I’m not attempting the streaking philosophy of some others ~ I have simply been trying to keep exercise as part of my weekly schedule ~ shooting for a target of 5 days a week.

So far, so good. (yeah, it’s only been one week, but you gotta start somewhere!!)

I considered making yesterday a rest day, because by last night my body felt absolutely tortured after Wednesday night’s workout!! Lisa and I chatted in the morning about how relatively good we felt after Body Attack ~ only some moderate soreness for both of us ~ but as the day progressed, I could feel my body just losing it. Everything became so incredibly sore ~ mostly my mid-section (translated: flabby stomach) and shoulders.

So last night, I considered yoga for the first time. I have a Pilates / Yoga set of DVD’s that has been camping out, unopened, in my upstairs entertainment center. I did bust it open, but there’s a part of me that still believes that if I am going to spend 30 or 60 minutes exercising, I want to be burning some calories! I know…I KNOW how good yoga is for you, and all the benefts…blah, blah…..but go easy on me – I opted for something with a little more kick ;)

So I knocked out the 30 minutes of Basic Tae-Bo again, taking it a bit easy as to not injure my already-sore muscles. I worked up a sweat, felt good about myself, and called it a day. Thus ended my consecutive 4 days…..YAY ME!!! :)

So today I am resting (translate: watching movies tonight with the kids instead of squeezing in a workout or run), and have plans tomorrow for a medium run – hopefully 5 miles, if I don’t die from the heat.

And in my current obsessive state, I actually sat down last night and planned out a workout schedule for next week ~ incorporating some runs with some more awesome classes at the gym. I think I am sick. Someone please send help ;)

And now just a reminder ~ if you are reading this and want to join the obsessive workout-and-weight-loss-bandwagon ~ head over to Viv’s….home of the INDEPENDENCE WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE!! We have racked up some great sponsors for prizes – including BROOKS RUNNING and RUNJUNK.COM ~ who are being so incredibly generous!!! Check out the details on Viv’s blog!! GO!!! GO.NOW!!!!

And finally ~ a shout out to all the peeps who are racing this weekend ~ and especially Taryn, Eric and Chad…. some of my AZ peeps who are heading to San Diego to Rock And Roll…..go Team Arizona!!! ROCK that race!!!

And to the best DAM runners I know ~ Nancy and Amy ~ who are running the Dam to Dam 20K this weekend in Iowa…..I soooooo wish I could have made it out there to run with you gals this weekend…..but it is on my plate for next year!!! I love a DAM good run!! You will be so DAM GREAT!! ;)

Happy Friday everyone!

Weekly Workout Summary

Monday ~ Run – 4.5 miles
Tuesday ~ Tae-Bo – Basic workout – 30 minutes
Wednesday ~ Body Attack – 60 minutes
Thursday ~ Tae-Bo - Basic workout - 30 minutes
Friday ~ REST (aaaahhhhhh)
Saturday~ (PLAN) Run - 5 miles
Sunday~ (PLAN) Run - short and/or Tae-Bo Basic Workout


Running Knitter said...

Nice job on the workouts, and I think you get bonus points for planning out next week's workouts too. :) Keep up the amazing job!

Cheryl said...

I think it was Jeff who told me, "streaks are overrated". Reading the title of your post reminded me of that, and let me forgive myself for not being in the gym today.

You're doing great with all the variety in your workouts! I keep saying I'm going to try yoga one of these days, too. Keep up the good work, and good for you for giving yourself a day off! :-)

Nat said...

Well done. On Friday I always rest.

I am actually going to a trainer to get her to provide a strength trainign program for me. Scary scary stuff...

P.O.M. said...

Rest days are the best days. Except mine usually involve wine. ha ha.

J~Mom said...

Great job this week!!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Well, we finished the DAM thing but it wasn't the Dam run we were hoping for. Still, we finished. :D Thanks so much for the shout!!

Great job with the workouts.

teacherwoman said...

Ooh rest day ... very well deserved!

Southbay Girl said...

You know I thought the same thing about pilates-until i tried it...and i loved it and what a workout!!! Try it!!!

I'm impressed that you are planning your workouts!