Thursday, May 15, 2008

Plagiarism at its finest

Since I yet again down and out with illness ~ this time just a lousy head cold that makes my brain want to explode ~ and am not feeling particularly bloggy.....I'll simply pass along some plagiarized material.

THIS, friends.... is quite possibly the funniest blog post I have ever read. Seriously makes me want to go and run a marathon. Hope you laugh as much as I did!!!


Nat said...

Hope you feel better. Thanks for the link.

Marcy said...

He's going to want a check, you know . . LOL

Nitmos said...

I DO want a check. Thanks for the link!

By the way, there are many, many actual fun things to see along a marathon that you just don't get at shorter races. Do yourself a favor and run one sometime (assuming you haven't before?) They are fun at any speed.

Viv said...

Aww, Poke I hope you get better soon. When it rains it pours does'nt it.

Cheryl said...

That was a hilarious post by Nitmos! Thanks for pointing the way.

And I hope you feel better soon, too!