Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cavepeople 10K on the 10th: A Recovery WOGG

The Grand Race Plan: Eileen and I had a great 10K run planned at Toka Sticks Golf Course ~ a brand new venue for both of us. Even Pat ~ my long lost running buddy ~ was enticed and considered heading out the run with us. It was supposed to be the crack of dawn ~ a bright and early 6am run to beat the heat. Been on the books for over a couple weeks ~ it was gonna be SWEEEEEET.

But when life gets in the way, sometimes you just have to regroup. Eileen and I canceled the Toka Sticks run as a result of things beyond our control ~ specifically that my last 2 weeks consisted only of the following:

1. minor surgery
2. the stomach flu
3. absolutely no running whatsoever (unless I get credit for the 3.5678 miles that I ran back and forth to the bathroom during event noted in #2 above. Ewwww, I know.)

So we scrapped Toka Sticks for another day when we figured we could actually have a *fun* run out there, instead of a Pokey-Bodily-Torture-Run. My legs were still aching every time I climbed the stairs in my house, and my body just hasn't recovered yet. Friends don't let friends witness that kind of bodily abuse ;)

The Revised Plan: A few miles on my own on Saturday morning, just to make myself feel better mentally. No worries, I'd tell the trusty Cavepeople Race Director that I just wasn't able to participate. Afterall, can't worry about something that you can't control.....I'd just see what kind of mileage I was able to knock down without killing myself.

What Actually Happened:
  • 5:00 am - Alarm Clock - Oh crap, I am supposed to run this morning. SNOOZE.

  • 5:09 am - Okay Pokey, snooze time is over. Time to get the feet on the floor and out the door. But crap, I just don't feel like running. I'm tired, my right calf still aches...I can't possibly go out and run today. I'll get back at it next week. SNOOZE.

  • 5:18 am - No REALLY......I need to run. Even if it's a mile or two. I NEED a run. Reached under the bed, pulled out the club, and beat away all the hesitation. Feet on the floor.

  • 5:55 am - Out the door.

The plan was simple: run when I could, walk when I wanted ~ cover some distance without hurting myself. Easy as pie. Just enjoy being out and moving for the first time in 2 weeks. I headed for my typical 4.5 mile loop around my house.

Everything still worked, although not well. Legs were tired, breathing was labored, body was a bit out of control (arms flailing like a wounded woodland animal).....but I was moving. I walked a lot, no problem there.

2 miles in to my wogg (oooh, there's that word again!) I approached the turn for the loop back to my house. That's when I made the rash decision to keep going straight.....transforming my loop to 6.5 miles. I was going to do the 10K after all!

So I ran....and walked.....and ran.....and walked......all the while using my club to beat away the thoughts that nagged in my brain about having to turn in such a lousy time for this virtual race. I didn't matter. Mileage mattered ~ movement mattered ~ that was all.

It was truly, without a doubt, the slooooooooowest run EVER! I think somewhere between mile 3 and 4, I got passed by these guys, who were more than cordial.

Then I met this new running friend around mile 5 when my body was really starting to yell at me. He gave me a little pep talk, a high five, and went on his way. I wonder if he had a virtual race today too???

About half a mile later, my legs were aching.....I could start to feel the beginnings of some cramps coming on. This is where brains had to prevail over determination. I turned off Garmie at 5.5 miles, smiled at my accomplishment ~ and walked the mile home with the other new friends I met out on the pavement today.

Total mileage was 6.5 miles.

Is it weird that I finished this race feeling the better about myself than I ever have? Is it weird that my time is so beyond horrible, that I won't even post it? Is it weird that movement just for the sake of movement ~ out in great weather on a beautiful morning ~ is more important than race pace or finish time?


But I never claimed to be normal :P

So it is with great honor that I have completed the Cavepeople 10K on the 10th of May, and award myself with the most prestigious award that the running community can bestow:


I had an acceptance speech all prepared, but I think you get my point. For those expecting a race time out of me, you'll have to remain disappointed (although as a teaser I'll just say that my best single mile pace was 13:20....and that was for Mile 1!!!! tee hee....)

Aside from my fancy dancy award, the next most fulfilling thing about this race: completing something that I really - by all intents and purposes - shouldn't have been able to do today. COMPLETION. It's what drives me. Finishing last isn't the downer I had always assumed it would be. So Mrs. Race Director - put me down as Dead Ass Last - with a big smile :)

But you want to know the real added bonus from today?? I absolutely positive that I finished LIFETIMES ahead of all those couch potatoes who didn't even start :)

Hope you ALL had just a just as wonderful 10K today!!!!


Topher said...

Nice job. That's endurance if I've every seen it.

Your snooze is 9 minutes? I only get 6 on my alarm.

J~Mom said...

I might be DAL after you but we will never know girl!!

It's awesome that you were out there doing it!! Awesome job!!

Nat said...

LMAO... 1. Good on you for getting it done. I am so with you on the movement thing. It's so good to just MOVE and get out of the house.

And if it's any consolation, I was dead last in this race today too.

What's a Wogg??

Shilingi-Moja said...

You definitely were not last to start the race. My alarm went off at 6, I turned it off, woke up again at 6:40, and debated just not going out. You know: "By the time I get out, traffic will be too heavy." "I could sleep even later." "It's cloudy -- it might rain." "Argggghhhh! Go back to sleep." Finally got up and was on the road at 7:30, an hour after the start time for my wave.

Glad you pushed on to the full 10K (plus 0.3 mi.).

Running Knitter said...

You still went out there and got it done! Amazing job! :)

shelley said...

Now that is determination...good job!

RunningNan said...

Awesome job! I ran 6.5 miles too, and didn't even know it til the next day!

The Laminator said...

Very inspiring race report! Cheers for a highly determined run!

Non-Runner Nancy said...


I KNOW you wouldn't have gone that far if not for the Cavepeople. WHOOOOO HOOOOOO.



Viv said...

That is great, Poke! so glad you got out there than rocked out a

Mendy said...

You did WAY more than me today... :-)

You know, Karen, you're doing the right things and just moving your body was awesome. You didn't even plan on doing that distance at all. Way to go, girl!

Mendy said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Jill said...

I applaud you from my couch!! I"m glad SOMEONE was out there running, cause it sure wasn't me!! And do you think I could borrow that club? I had a walk/run all set for 5am this morning, and...well, let's just say, I really could have used that club for some serious beat-down!!

Glad you are feeling better! =)

Nitmos said...

You enjoyed a wonderful day and gutted out a strong effort considering everything going on. Take the award with pride!!

Cheryl said...

Good for you, getting out there and wogging in spite of everything! You are an inspiration.

And, ditto what Jill said. I need to get myself a club!

Chief Wahoo said...

Great job getting out there!

And you are right - you are light years ahead of the couch potatoes!

Rock on Pokey!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

You have hit the nail on the head...the essence of running is getting to the finish line in any way that you can. Great job getting out and doing it.

Jeff said...

OH THE GUILT! Wanna know what I did on Saturday? COUCH POTATO!

Way to friggin' go, Poke!

Brianna said...

Congrats for getting out there! You did it when you didn't think you could - what an inspiration!

Enjoy the prize Nancy is sending your way. I hope you like it! :)

Oh, and you weren't really DAL, I didn't even START (though I had planned to do it). . . so I'm WAY behind you, girl!


P.O.M. said...

You did a hella-va lot more thank 90% of Americans that day!

Way to stick with it :) Hope you're back to 100% soon.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

When I did my "run" I was sure I was last, and I was okay with that too. I walked 2 straight miles, but did manage a jog/walk mixture the rest of teh time.

I agree...getting out there and moving your body is the big win.

Carly said...

Nice Job!!!! You can run way farther than I can. You should be very proud of your run.

fawn said...

I think I need to borrow your club. :)