Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just a warning ~ I have absolutely nothing coherent to say today, so this post seriously falls under the topic of *miscellaneous ramblings.*

First, and maybe you all should sit down for this one ~ I have actually worked out for 2 DAYS.IN.A.ROW!!!! Smelling salts, anyone? Shocking, I know.

My legs (quads) were pretty sore after Saturday’s race (yes, at my current fitness level even a 5k at a PR-pace can make me sore for days…) so I rested on Sunday…….and had just a little lingering soreness on Monday. So I opted to take a little dose of the “hair of the dog” so to speak, and headed out Monday morning and knocked out 4.5 miles. The first 2 miles sucked (as usual) and the last 2.5 were fantastic. Solid running ~ felt strong ~ trucked along in the 11 minute range. Done ~ a run for the books.

Last night, I finally dusted off the Tae-Bo DVD that had been sitting, along with my workout clothes on the cedar chest, desperately waiting for me every morning last week to pop it in the player and actually make good use of it. I did the 30 minute *Basic Workout* and it felt sooooo dang good. Back in the day ~ when I was in better shape ~ I used to do the Advanced Workout, and sometimes the Billy’s Boot Camp videos ~ which were awesome. I’m sure that right know I would die in any attempt to use those workouts, so I’m going to pace myself and work my way back up.

Diversity in my workouts ~ it’s the plan for this summer. Running is great, but it’s not getting me to my weight goal. Running and Tae-Bo ~ yeahhhhh. I’m hoping that’s the ticket.

And speaking of weight loss……YOU NEED TO GO OVER HERE!!! Viv has taken the bull by the horns and actually has acted upon the weight loss challenge idea that I tossed out a few weeks back (and embarrassingly, never followed up on). So GO!!!! GO.NOW!!! If you need to lose some weight this summer ~ come hang with us. We’re really cool and I’m sure Viv is going to be the best WL Challenge Director EVER!!! (I am just the poor, underpaid and over worked trusty assistant ;P)

And finally ~ the last of the miscellaneous ramblings has to do with running visors. Specifically my newest Headsweats visors (purchased in order to allow my favorite visor to be tossed in the washing machine before it actually grows legs and walks itself there out of sheer necessity) ~ which have been brutally taken over by my youngest son.

He is in love with these visors, and has laid claim to them as his own. So what is a mom to do? It cracks me up that they even FIT him!! I think I am going to propose a new slogan for Headsweats ~ something like “also great for preschoolers with overly large heads.” ;)

Happy Running!!!


Running Knitter said...

Awesome job on the running and the workouts! Keep it up. I love the pics - so adorable!

Wes said...

Yay for working out two days in row!!! Woot! Good luck with the weight loss challenge, and I lurv the pics of l'il Ironman!!!

Dan Seifring said...

Thanks for the weight loss challenge link, it is just the right time for me.

Laura N said...

Great job on the workouts. It's good to hear the perkiness in your voice again. =)

Your son is so stinking cute. Love it.

Viv said...

Way to keep up with the workouts and mixing it up! I bet they will give you the push on the scale, but not too much...hehehe!

That is so cute he took over your visors. They look great on him!

Jeff said...

Way to go on the back to backs. Could there be a back-to-back-to-back in your future?

Why do kids have to be so darn cute?

Bev said...

What a cutie-p-tootie! My toddler loves the visors as well.

Lora said...

wow! Am I ever impressed with your running! I'm coming back when I have to time to read more

Nat said...

I was going to go running tonight but there was oxygen outside.

Well done on the 5K and on the running and on the Tae Bo.

teacherwoman said...

Love the pics.

Diversity is a great idea! Especially with the change of seasons. I haven't done TaeBo in for ever ... I have you ever tried Turbo Sculpt? I have that and love it and will be getting back into that again... great way to SCULPT the body!

Cheryl said...

I like your miscellaneous ramblings. That's the way my mind works, too.

And your kiddo has got to be the cutest little cherub faced, visor-wearing boy ever!