Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Good Body Image Day

Ever had one?

You know those days, when somehow by a stroke of cosmic luck, everything just seems to fall in place? Your clothes fit right, you have a good hair day, and everything just seems to click and you feel comfortable in your own skin?

I don’t have them very often (actually can't remember the last one), but I’m having one today ~ and it really just does wonders for my motivation! I find that I eat better, feel better and am just more motivated to exercise ~ all in the hopes that it keeps me feeling this good.

In my constant battle with the scale ~ and the mirror ~ and my clothes….a day like today is noteworthy. So I mention it only in the hopes that it helps someone else take notice in their own life and helps them realize a Good Body Image Day of their own!

And making my day even better, I got this little gem in the mail ~

The postman must be wondering who POKEY is ~ so I guess I’ll have to educate him. He needs to understand that POKEY is just like the IRS ~ all you gotta do is slap it on an envelope, with a city and zip code, and it gets there. No address. No problem. I am very well connected. Really. I. AM.

Thanks Nancy ~ for the great gift!! I tell you ~ finishing a race DAL really has its perks!

Wishing you all a Good Body Image Day!


Cheryl said...

What a cool book! And I can't wait til I have a good body image day. :-) It may be a while.

Good for you, Pokey!

Nat said...

It's a happy place when that happens!
(And it's nice to get stuff in the mail too.)

Running Knitter said...

Good body image days are wonderful. And I love getting stuff in the mail.

CewTwo said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate it.

I have had a lot more GBIDs since I began running! Eating correctly, being hydrated, and able to move about really does help a person. When they can buy new clothes at a smaller size, it does make it all worth while!

Interesting topic! Thanks for sharing!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

HA HA - great pic!! Even showing off my art work. hee hee. I'm glad it made it and glad you are having a good BI day!!

Melanie said...

Happy Good Body Image day!!! You deserve it!!!

Keep up the great work! :)

Viv said...

LMAO at Pokey being like the IRS address!
Work it, girl it's your day :-)
With many more to follow.

Jade Lady said...

Hi there, thanks for stopping by my blog! Gosh, I know exactly where you are coming from with this post -

Looks like a nice book - like the cover! Is it a story about girls that run?

Carly said...

Woo Hoo Poke! Days like that are hard to come by.

Marcy said...

I have one every day because I put a picture of a Victoria's Secret model in my mirror and pretend that it's me ROFLMAO JK!

WHOOOOO HOOOOO Good Body Image days are awesome ;D ;D

Susan said...

Those kinds of days are indeed amazing! I haven't had many since I had to lay off the running. But I am coming back, sister!!!!

RunningNan said...

I had a great hair day last night.. that's about it! Mine never match up fully! Glad you had one though!

Bev said...

Gotta love those good body image days since they are so few and far between. Rock it!

Jeff said...

It's great to feel good like that. Wishing you many more of those days.