Monday, June 2, 2008

Body Fat Body Schmat

It's always wonderful to go for an assessment with the trainer at the gym and learn that your body is made up of a third of FAT. That's not a typo, peeps. A read me? Ok, that's just gross. 50ish pounds of FAT. Ewwwwww. GREAT.

So my focus should be on body fat reduction...blah blah....not necessarily pounds....yada yada.....OK, fine and dandy. Either way you slice it, it all means I have a lot of work to do. Trainer (whom I haven't formally hired, but is included once a month with my gym membership) says I can have this done by September 14th AND be at my goal weight of 140 pounds.

Yeah, you're right ~ I think she smokes crack too.

Either that, or all those protein shakes have gone to her head. Crazy, buff little you-know-what...

OKAY. I'M.DONE. This concludes the Body Fat Rant for today. Don't worry, I'm sure there will be another one in the line up coming soon.

Let's talk about something I'm happy with for now ~ my running!!! Got 5 miles done on Saturday ~ a good run. Got 3 miles done this morning ~ a crappy run. There is absolutely no logic to this sport whatsoever.

But I'm moving, and that is what matters. And I've officially declared next few months as the SPLITLESS SUMMER ~ which means that I won't be pressuring myself during my runs about how fast or not fast I am running ~ and I won't be posting any splits on my blog.

(Unless of course, they are FANTABULOUS un-Pokey-like splits that just SCREAM to be posted. As the blog author, I'm allowed to have a double standard like this, and can post splits or not post splits at my sole and separate discretion.) See why it's always important to read the fine print??

So running for pure cardio benefit is what is on the game plan. I did well last week with all my workouts ~ hit every target except Sunday, which just simply warranted a rest. Today will be a double workout day with a run this morning, and a Body Pump class tonight. SUH-WEET!!!

Here's the schedule for this week:

Monday ~ Run with concrete shoes - 3 miles; Body Pump (weight lifting) - 60 minutes
Tuesday ~ (PLAN) Body Combat - 60 minutes
Wednesday ~ (PLAN) Body Attack – 60 minutes
Thursday ~ (PLAN) Run - 4.5 miles
Friday ~ REST (aaaahhhhhh)
Saturday~ (PLAN) Run - TBD
Sunday~ (PLAN) Run or Rest ~ it's a coin toss

Me and my body fat are going to get our nails done now. There has to be a highlight of this day buried in here somewhere!!!!


Nat said...

I work in a hospital where they have a bariatric clinic (folks who are morbidly obsese.) So I am tagging along with the film crew (which is my job.) And the nurse said "oooooooh... you run, why don't you get on the scale, it measure .. xyz."

I think I came in at 37 per cent fat. Gah!

Running Knitter said...

I think that's a good attitude to have about splits. Running in the summer heat is not easy!

J~Mom said...

I like your plan! I am too number obsessed to not post didn't know that did you?

How did you like Body Pump?

teacherwoman said...

So, how is does one lose the body fat?!?!

Love your attitude! ON FIRE!

Wes said...

The best way to lose fat during running is to stay in zones 1 and 2 :-) Since you don't train by HR, that would be like exactly what you are planning to do!! Teach your body to burn that fat, then build your distance. You can do this!!!

Viv said...

You are pumped up! I am getting scared of you and Java on this challenge.
You animal, keep it up. You are getting me revved up over here!

Running To Stand Still said...

I go in for my analysis this week. I am so not looking forward to it.

September, HAHAHAHAHA. These people crack me up. It's not like you aren't already out there running and stuff.

It will take a little more time then that I am sure, but you can do it!!!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh Poke, thanks for a great laugh after a loooong day. And one that I started out being super good but that seems to slip a bit. Damn. :D I don't do well with food choices while traveling.

Amy is doing a splitless summer and I am going to just be running some shorter runs to supplement my workouts. Dang it I wishyou were here!

Marathoner in Training said...

You will do just fine this summer. I buckeled down and got the trainer for the entire summer. I want to get down to 14% body fat. I will just say that I have a LONG way to go.

Bev said...

You are an animal! That body fat doesn't have a chance with a workout schedule like that.

RunningNan said...

I hate concrete shoes! The splitless summer sounds fun!

I'm afraid to know what my body fat percentage is as well..

Jeff said...

Wow, look at all that focus. I'm impressed!

Looking forward to lots of awesome bragging negative splits this summer.