Friday, June 13, 2008

Blogity Rambles

Let me just start by saying that I am so glad it is Friday ~ and that by tomorrow at almost this time, I will be out of the 105 degree temps and back in the cool paradise known as San Diego. Ahhhhh…..I can smell the ocean now. I will be on blog-hiatus for a while as a result ~ other than staying caught up with work issues (sad, I know…it’s supposed to be a vacation), I am also going to be vacationing from the computer somewhat.

This morning it finally clicked in my brain as to what an amazing couple weeks it has been for me in the weight loss and fitness arena. I’ve been a little disappointed at my lack of scale-cooperation on the weight loss front, but that all changed this morning with a simple, daily occurrence.

I got dressed.

Not just in any clothes ~ not comfy weekend shorts and a t-shirt. Not even nice business-casual work clothes that I wear to my office. This morning I put on the most evil, unforgiving piece of clothing ever ~ second only to a swimsuit.

I put on a pair of JEANS.

Even worse ~ newly washed jeans ~ the worst piece of clothing imaginable for anyone who battles the scale on a regular basis. I was seriously disheartened when I picked up my favorite pair of jeans off the cedar chest in my room, only to find that I had washed them last weekend, and their stretchy, somewhat comfortable feel had been replaced with a stiffer, more unforgiving appearance. DRATS!

But resigned to my fate on casual Friday, I donned the jeans. With only one leg in place in the newly washed pants, the shock set in. They felt LOOSE. I put the other leg in, and it confirmed the same phenomenon. When it actually came time to button those bad boys, I thought I had made a mistake. Yes ~ I actually took them off to check the tag to confirm that yes, they were in fact the one pair of jeans I wear on a regular basis (because they were the least evil of all the denim in my closet) ~ and not a pair of my *fat* jeans that might have snuck out of the closet.

Yes, these were my old faithfuls ~ the same, yet entirely different. I will say without a moment of hesitation that all my disappointment over the scale disappeared this morning, all from one pair of jeans. Something in my body is changing ~ shrinking, toning…whatever…..but something REALLY good is happening here. I don’t care what the scale says if I can put on a pair of jeans ~ or any clothing for that matter ~ and look and feel as good as I do today.

All of us who are trying to lose weight always claim that we don’t really care about the scale, only what we look like and how our clothes fit. Yet, I don’t believe that we really, truly buy into that philosophy until it actually happens for us.

Something good is a-happening around here though. I couldn’t have asked for a better end to my week :)

I am sooooo going to miss my gym classes while I am gone for the next while, but I’ll keep up the cardio work with regular running. It will just have to do.

I have also added a new friend to my diet ~ the protein shake. And did you actually know that there is a Starbucks High Protein Frappucino??

Yes, it’s true! I had one this morning. Mocha Frappucino with 32 grams of protein in one serving!!! Who knew? It is the best thing ever for this morning-coffee-addict-turned-protein freak.

Want to know where you can get one? Right HERE ~

(sorry about the lousy picture)

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I have outsmarted the protein gods and created my own lovely concoction ~ still complete with skim milk, coffee, and protein all in one neat little bundle. Can you say YUMMMM?

Thanks for all the recommendations on protein powders ~ I settled on the one you see pictured, highly recommended by Eileen , as a result of sheer convenience ;)

I am currently plotting on what else can be mixed with protein powder….and am leaning toward the Starbucks Iced Coffee Lite in a the can….which is also made with skim milk. That will be next week’s experiment……

Until later gators….


Wes said...

Ahhhhhh... A jeans victory... Very nice. You have a great trip!! :-)

teacherwoman said...

It is so nice to be able to fit (nicely) into a pair of pants, jeans especially, that are usually tight and inforgiving. That is a prime example as to why we really shouldn't discard any clothes that are too small, right?

Nat said...

That is so amazing about the scale and the jeans.

Ok. I personally think this is gross. I know someone who used to mix whey powder in with plain yogurt. Claimed it tastes like pudding. (Me I'm not so sure.)

Nat said...

Oh and have a wonderful trip. :)

Running Knitter said...

Yay for jeans!!!

Do you know I was already to jump in the car and go to starbucks and ask for a protein shake? :P

Have fun next week!

Jill said...

congrats on the "new" jeans!!! I love that feeling of sliding on a pair of formerly-soul-crushing-tight jeans!

Have a fun week!

J~Mom said...

Niiicceee!!!! Keep it up girl!!!

Jeff said...

That's awesome! Nothing like a non-scale victory to set the tone for the weekend, not to mention the vaca.

No doubt Attack and Body Pump are working on you.

Have a great week off!

Viv said...

Way to "keep moving it" through out the week! It paid off nicely with the jeans fitting great with out the yoga poses and toe touches!
(how strech mine out)

have a nice trip and wonderful relaxing vacaiton.

Calyx Meredith said...

Travel safe and woo hoo (!!!) for the jeans telling you good news before the scale. Keep it up girl - you are on a roll!

Running To Stand Still said...

That is such a great feeling!! Nothing worse than tight jeans. Keep up the good work!!!

aerorunnergirl said...


I am SOOOO with you on the clothes victory. I've recently lost 40-ish lbs, but no scale victory means as much to me as getting comfortably into a freshly dried pair of size 14 jeans did. It feels so great to see the benefits of your hard work.

Enjoy your "vacation"!

Carly said...

great news on the jeans!!! That is a fabulous feeling!

Have fun on vacation.

bill carter said...

Hi Pokey

Congrats on the weight loss and like anything else that is worthwhile, it takes hard work and determination. And you did it!

Hope you are having a great vacation.

Laura N said...

Hooray for comfy jeans! Hope you are enjoying SD.

MizFit said...

are you messing with me?
really a starbucks high protein frap?!

Id love it.

great for my waistline and bad for my walletline.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

NICE WORK. You are doing great!

Jade Lady said...

Ahh..i know exactly what you're talking about with jeans! Good for u!