Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I'm Baaaack ~ at least for now ;)

So I got to go play in the sun for a few days….now it’s back to the grind for a few days before I get to head out again. The boys and I are home this week ~ Hubs is at the US Open at Torrey Pines ~ and I am working like a hound to get myself in a good space to be able to leave for the rest of the month! Okay ~ I do have to come home and work 3 days near the end of the month, but I can’t complain ;)

So quick recap of my weekend, and then I have to get some work done.

Overall, I would call it a successful weekend with exercise and food choices ~ even while out of my usual routine. Last Thursday was a rest day as planned; and I had short runs on both Friday and Saturday mornings; Sunday was rest again as the schedule just didn’t permit a morning run.

Now, I have to say that if I hadn’t declared a splitless summer, I might be compelled to want to blog about my Friday run. IF I were posting splits ~ hypothetically, of course ~ I would be forced to mention that I ran my fastest mile ever on that day ~ 11:05 ~ followed by a second mile at 11:15 ~ followed by a big flippin’ hill and a 15ish minute last mile. However, since I am not posting splits this summer, I can’t just come on here and brag about my good run. I am only saying that I WOULD have posted about this great run, had I not gone on a split-hiatus for the next couple months. That being said, the jury will disregard any banter related to a good runs or fantabulous splits ;)

Runs both days were 3 miles – with Saturday’s run being not quite as great Friday's run that I didn’t post about. There are some BIG hills in the area of Carlsbad where we are staying ~ so I took Saturday’s run as more of a hill-workout than anything else. And of course, since it is a splitless summer, I can’t allow myself to post any times. I know you all understand.

My food choices were decent ~ if not good ~ during the entire weekend, with the exception of Sunday. I splurged a bit, totally on purpose, and am okay with it. My good-choice days even included a dinner at Ruth Chris’s steakhouse (for the Hubs and my anniversary which is today. Awwwww…..) and a Padres baseball game ~ which is junk food haven for me. So all things considered, the weekend was a success.

Last night I came home, got the boys to bed early and tried a new Tae-Bo workout called Tae Bo AMPED. I did the “Jump Start Cardio” workout which was 41 minutes, and felt good the whole time. Then I sat and planned out my schedule for the rest of the week ;)

The only area of my whole fitness-quest that is disappointing me is the scale. Since I was in Carlsbad with no scale of my own, I emailed Viv for the Weight Loss Challenge and just told her to hold me at my starting weight. I figured I would make up for it later.

Sadly though, this morning’s pounce on the scale showed the same: it hasn’t budged. I am a bit disappointed, but not discouraged. My clothes are feeling good, my body feels good, and I am starting to get regularly comfortable in my own skin. I am hoping that this is just a result of all the muscles I am building

I am going to give calorie-counting a continued try this week ~ sticking to my plan like glue ~ with 5 straight days of working out ~ and see what happens. The difficulty will come when I leave for CA again on Saturday, and my schedule gets all crazy. But I’m confident that with scheduled running and good food choices, I can make it work for the next couple weeks.

After all, this is my LIFESTYLE CHANGE ~ not just a short term diet. Eating right and exercise are going to become part of who I am. The weight loss will inevitably follow.

Right?? RIGHT? :)

On a funny side note, I just had to share a picture. Can any of the men out there even come close to criticizing my youngest son’s friend making ability at the beach? He certainly knows where it’s at :P

Workouts on tap this week:

Monday ~ Tae-Bo Amped; Jump Start Cardio workout ~ 41 minutes (DONE!)
Tuesday ~ Tae-Bo – actual workout TBD
Wednesday ~ Body Attack
Thursday ~ Body Pump
Friday ~ Run; 4-5 miles
Saturday ~ Rest and Eat Smart


Viv said...

I am glad you had a great time!

Happy Anniversary to you and the hubby!!

That Ruth Chris, OMG I am slaivating..hehehe

Way to keep up with the running and another week of full steam ahead :-)

teacherwoman said...

First of all, happy anniversary to you and hubby!

Second, don't be too hard on yourself for the numbers not dropping (just yet). Easier said than done, I know. But if you know that your clothes are feeling good and YOU are feeling good, that is the most important thing! Think positive!

Jeff said...

Great job getting those runs in on vacation.

The weight loss will come. Very tough to make progress while you're away. Count the even as a win!

Running Knitter said...

Good job on getting in the workouts away from home. Happy anniversary to you and your hubby!

I'm going to try and make it tomorrow... :)

Nat said...

Sounds like fun. Happy Anniversary and all that jazz.

J~Mom said...

Happy Anniversary girl!! (ours is tomorrow!)

Welcome home! Great job making good choices!! The only reason you didn't drop weight is because you started from such a good spot...remember I started from QUEEN HIPPO spot!!

Southbay Girl said...

I see you've run in San Pedro, CA...that's where I am and where I run all the time!!!

Running To Stand Still said...

LOL at your son, that is hysterical.

Good job with getting the work outs in!!

Jill said...

wow girl, you are becoming a fitness MACHINE! I wanted to try the Tae-bo amped, but having never done plain ole Tae-bo, I didn't know what it would be like...so I didn't do it. Good excuse, huh?

Happy Anniversary!!

Nitmos said...

At first I thought to made a vow of a SPITLESS summer and I thought, WTF? Weird goal. But, oh, now I get it.