Thursday, June 12, 2008

Movin' It

I Like To Move It - The best free videos are right here

Not only is this my new theme song for the summer, but I have also designated it as the *morning wakeup song* at my house once school starts again!!! Can't you see it ~ blasting this music while trying to roust my kids out of bed??? You just gotta love it ;)

Play the song ~ I promise you'll be addicted!

Happy day today ~ the scale finally moved in the right direction and shows me down 2.5 pounds for this week already.....still 2 days to go before weigh in ;) It certainly must have been those extra 10 minutes on the stair climber (translated: evil, evil machine) that Lisa (translate: slave driver) made me do after 60 minutes of Body Attack class last night. Either the woman REALLY wants to win the weight loss challenge, or is trying to kill me .......I'm not sure exactly which :)

Thanks for all the input on nutrition, and especially my protein debacle lately ~ it has all been so incredibly helpful! I am backing down a bit and not worrying about the *target* and just focusing on making a conscious effort to maximize the protein where and when I can. I am also going to add a protein shake to my daily diet and see how it goes.

I am sorry I have been so lousy at commenting on blogs lately ~ I am truly reading them all when I get a moment, but just don't have anything wise to say lately. I am swamped at work and soooo ready for vacation.

Workout Schedule

Monday ~ Tae-Bo Amped; Jump Start Cardio workout ~ 41 minutes (DONE!)
Tuesday ~ Tae-Bo – actual workout TBD (SKIPPED!)
Wednesday ~ Body Attack ~ 60 minutes (DONE!) + 10 minutes on evil stair climbing device
Thursday ~ Body Pump
Friday ~ Run; 4-5 miles
Saturday ~ Rest and Eat Smart


Wes said...

Yea, you got to keep an eye on that Lisa... She's a sheep in wolf's clothing ;-)

teacherwoman said...

Wow... Lisa is hardcore! Looks like you're doing great! Keep it up!

J~Mom said...

Wha? Me? I just said "get yer butt on the stair climber woman"...what is so wrong with that?

Running Knitter said...

You're definitely movin it!
Congrats on the pounds lost!

Jeff said...

Everybody needs a Lisa! Next time you one up her -- get her to go 10 more minutes.

Calyx Meredith said...

Next time tell her you'll get on the stair climber if she'll sing the "I like to move it, move it" song. :D (My kids and I sang that song while cleaning the house when that movie came out - it's very addictive. Singing - not so much the cleaning.) Good job on the challenge and figuring out the protein/nutrition!

Tammy said...

Wow! Great news on the loss!

Now, if I can only get my alarm to play that song at 80 decibels at 5am every morning, MAYBE I'll drag my lazy ass out of bed and move it!

RooBabs said...

Ha ha- love the song. Much better than Shakira's "Hips Don't Lie" that was stuck in my head after yesterday's run. Great job on the weight loss. Keep "movin' it" and you'll be slim in no time. = )

Cheryl said...

Love the song! Great news on the scale!!!

Laura said...

Definitely know what you mean about getting behind with blogs - I'm just getting caught up now! Great job with the loss... I'm not doing so well on that front, though I just turned over a new leaf and am really trying to eat better.

path said...

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