Thursday, February 28, 2008

Blog Pressure

Blog Pressure (blawg press-shur): NOUN; from the Latin Blogus Preshurus: the physical and mental pressure placed on a given run when it is known that performance will be posted on the Blog; see also Garmin Pressure.

Tonight's run was okay ~ not as good as Monday, not as not-good as last night. Hubby looked at me in almost-disbelief when I was getting dressed: "you're running again tonight? Didn't you just run last night?" Yes, it's unlikely for me to have back-to-back nightly runs during the week - simply out of time constraints.

Monday and Wednesday runs were Garmin-Free; tonight I decided to dust off my pal and take him out for a spin. As I expected, I obsessed over the data ~ although I think I looked at Garmie less than ten times during the run.....that's progress, yes???

Short Run:

Mile 1: 12:02
Mile 2: 11:37
Mile 3: 11:25

Total Distance: 3.0 miles
Total Time: 35:03
Average pace: 11:41

Thanks Garmie for the negative splits! I may take you out again every now and then ;)

And NO, I still haven't tried on the suit :I


Non-Runner Nancy said...

OMG, did you see my 3 mile splits?


We are like soul sistahs. :D

Viv said...

Great job, those are perfecto :-)
I saw some swim suits are Marshall's today and thought about trying one on, but I whimped out.

J~Mom said...

Looks like someone is ready to PR at a half marathon!!

Did you decide when you are going to run this weekend? Sorry I can't do Saturday am! I had to totally shuffle everything. Let me know if you want to do Sun afternoon!

Running Knitter said...

Your numbers are looking great!

Wes said...

See if playing with the display, allowing only certain times/numbers to be shown, won't help with the Garmin watching...

Nice set of runs, chica!!

David said...

You ran again? Geez! ;-)

Good for you! If he gives you any crap, just ask him if he wants the bathing suit to hang in the closet, or get worn where he can see it. That should change his tune.

Bev said...

Very nice. Keep it up!

Mendy said...

LOL Nancy!!!

LUV the splits. I think Garmie wants you to watch him. He needs the attention. No worries about how much you look at it. Look at your splits. It worked, right?

I'm determined to get down another 7-10 lbs before I buy a bathing suit.

Jeff said...

Nice times! At what point do you graduate from being a slow poke to being a medium poke?

My Life & Running said...

Woohoo for back-to-back runs and negative splits!!

bill carter said...

Hi Pokey

Love the negative splits.. if you had gone a couple more miles you would have been sub 11.. no doubt! Seriously, the runs you are doing without the Garmin are like a gift to yourself. They are a great idea and get you to a point where you can just enjoy the run. Garmy can come out to play only when he behaves... and gives you negative splits!

Sending you wishing for spring vibes from Michigan.

Chief Wahoo said...

Blog Pressure - I LOVE it!

Great run -- a couple more miles and you would have been running a 9:00 pace!