Saturday, February 23, 2008

"Once you start running, the running actually isn't bad."

Words to live by from my trusty running partner as we plodded along a 9 mile route this morning ~ starting an un ungodly hour when the moon was still high in the sky. There should really be some sort of *rule* about running that early, but I haven't found it yet ;)

We headed out at 6 am ~ yes, really ~ Lisa willingly, without much duress from the Early Enforcer ~ agree to yet another early long run.

Since we were sans Pat, our usual main motivator, we had to come up with our own motivation for what turned out to be a long, slow, tired run. We were a little lacking in our motivational talk, and instead spent the last 4 miles being punch drunk and talking silly ~ anything to make the miles go by. It had been 2 weeks since my last long run and I felt every step, every breath, every mile of it.

We conjured up a few whopper-stories that we had planned to post to help justify our splits :P, but I figure it's just best to come clean: it was a tough run. We ended up a mile short of our goal due to time constraints brought on by our slower-than-usual pace, and ended up with an average pace of a half-minute per mile slower than our 11 mile run two weeks ago. *sigh*

But we got it wrapped up and called it a day ~ a run is a run is a run! Not sure why we were both so tired and sluggish (part of me was wondering if it was the calorie-cutting that I did this week??), but we got 9 miles on the books, when we could have been at Starbucks sipping lattes :)

Next time, Lisa just needs to bring the Thin Mints :)

In other news, I finally got my new kicks today ~

They are the new, Asics Gel Kayano 14. I had the 13-model as my last pair and LOVED them ~ it was unfortunate that they are being discontinued. This new model should be just as good or better ~ I hope they treat me as well as my last pair did. I was long overdue in getting new ones!

I also had the pleasure of running into Eric and his family at RoadRunner Sports! Apparently, great minds think alike :)

Long Slow Run:

Distance: 9.01 miles
Time: 2:01:40
Average pace: 13:31


Moral Victories said...

I had an 8 miler like that last week. We just couldn't find it in us to move. Alas.
Totally impressed you got out at 6, my early 7:30 start turned into 7:53...


Wes said...

It was probably the thin mints that contributed to that slower pace :-) Blame it on Lisa :-D

J~Mom said...

That is one wise, wise running partner that you have there!! I mean really, the running ISN'T so bad once you start running! Right? LOL!!

It is what it is chicka! LOL (You have to read my post!)

Viv said...

That is how my 7 went last week, a scary 13:59 pace yikes, and I wasn't talking much :-O
You 2 chickies got it done, and super early so super job!!
I just had this image of the thin mints in a fanny pack getting all mushy, lol!
LOVE the shoes cute color and everything!

Running Knitter said...

I totally agree with you - a run is a run is a run, and much better than not running at all. :)

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I was going to be jealous of your running together and the miles and the friendship and all that but holy crap, that was early. :D 6am???? You two are nuts. hee hee

Sonia said...

Good job on the 9miler! I also have the Kayano 14 and love them! =)

Jeff said...

Miles is miles. Slow miles, fast miles, miles miles.

6am, now you're talkin my kinda running hour! Nice job.

RunnerGirl said...

Great job on the run!

Chief Wahoo said...

Great job getting in that long run.

Lora said...

Your bio-rymthmes are probably off-my main excuse for a slower than normal run. Found you while surfing. I have run with a large group of women for many years. They are some of my best friends! Keep plugging away! All forward motion counts is my motto!

My Life & Running said...

Awesome to get in those 9 miles!

&& I run in the same shoes, but the MIL bought me two pairs if the 13's when Nordstrom's had them on clearance... so it'll be a while before I have to switch to the 14's. Please let me know what you think about them and how they compare!!

David said...

Yay for new shoes, and double-yay for a long run! Good for you guys, but I don't know if you have any chance of the GSTMs leaving JavaHouse.

Laura N said...

6 a.m.? You are better women than me. It's great you did 9 miles. I know it's tough to see slower splits, but doggone it, you're a RUNNER. Those are running miles, sister. Nothing to be ashamed of there. =)

Dawn said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Great job to you too on the 9 mile run. Are you doing the CMM too like running knitter? I will be there.

Mendy said...

No matter what the pace, you had the effort to get that run done and even without the motivation! I'd say "thumbs up".

sweet kicks! I love new running shoes.