Thursday, February 21, 2008


Another Garmin-free continuous run last night – just over 3 miles.

But I need a better word than *continuous* run……how about endurance run? Or wait! I know!!!


Unlike it’s cousin the WOG (a combo of walking and jogging) the SLOG is just what you might expect ~ a slooooow jog.

That’s what I have been doing ~ and loving every minute of it.

I like kicking Garmie to the curb during the week and just running for running sake. I say I don’t care about my pace, but the truth is ~ I do. I can’t not look at the Garmin and just run ~ I stay way to focused on how slow I am running, how I should be running faster, and what my splits will look like when I post them.


My new way is much more fun. Garmie is still invited for the long runs on the weekends, and will get re-introduced to my weekday short runs after a while ~ but for now all is well.

Garmie will just have to rest until Saturday’s 10 miler with Pat & Lisa.


Distance: 3+ miles
Time: Less than 3 hours
Average Pace: Slow and wonderful


Jeff said...

I'm imagining a world where speed doesn't matter. . . hmm, a beautiful place, maybe. NAAAAH!

You're like one of those people at the gym that covers the treadmill readouts with a towel.

Couldn't do it. Gotta count every little hundreth of a mile. Just gotta.

Wes said...

I'm thinking about taking pace off my screen. See if that helps! I don't think I'll mind guessing my pace after a mile....

Running Knitter said...

I think I will try to slog next time too. :)

Mendy said...

I totally understand. Sometimes I could care less about pace, but when it gets better or (worse) for that matter - I enjoy it or gripe about it. I need to do some garmin-less runs sometimes. I don't look at mine thought until the end, so I don't have that to worry about.

I think you are doing terrific! keep at it.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Great job with the Garmin free running. I don't know how you are doing it. I don't fixate so much during but I have to know after, then I just beat myself up with it. We are quite a pair.

Keep up the good work on the diet. Hawaii and swimsuits are a great motivator!

Sonia said...

hahaha like the new word! Congrats on your Slog!! =)

Yasmin said...

I am one of those people who cover the treadmill readouts. I feel like it makes the time go by faster.

I'm not sure if I can do a garmin-free run, but I've only had mine for 2 months, so maybe I'll do one in the future.

J~Mom said...

I love it! I am a slogger after all! :>D

RunnerGirl said...

SLOG, I like it. Sounds exactly like quite a bit of my runs!

Marathoner in Training said...

Had to catch up on your past 4 bloggs. So here goes
#4 - any miles is better than zero. You might want to put coffee in your waterbottle.
#3 - You can loose 8 lbs in 4 weeks. Remember to go on long slow runs and eat healthy.
#2 - I need a Fox Hat
#1 - With garmin on your SLOOOOG runs, just set the screen to the map page and you will have no idea of your speed/splits till you finish. Good luck on your 10 this weekend.

bill carter said...

Hi Pokey

It sounds like you are really enjoying these runs without the Garmin and I think that is a great thing. The watch for me and the Garmin for you are ways that we can monitor how we are doing and if we are making improvements, but darn if it isn't enjoyable to just go out there and run. So Garmie can take the weekdays off and let you have your fun.

Best of Luck.

Laura N said...

Anything that makes you LOVE your runs is a very good thing. You're doing great work, girl.

Swimsuits are much more figure- friendly now a days. I absolutely love the little swim skirts available now and with a tankini you can cover up but still look fashionable.

You've got a lot to keep you going these next few weeks--a HM, a trip to HI. Super good stuff!

Viv said...

SLOG, you pinned my "runs" on the head! Great job, on running for runnin's sake...I get really cought up with the pace and blah blahs. Good luck with the 10 this weekend and have fun :-D

angie's pink fuzzy said...

LOVE the jargon

S.L.O.G. = awesome!