Saturday, March 1, 2008

And So Begins

The beloved TAPER.

The Valley of the Sun Half Marathon is a week from tomorrow, so today was the last long run of training. There were 6 miles on the schedule that Lisa developed for us.

Sadly, the TRC wasn't able to meet together for this training run :( So I braved the big, bad pavement on my own.

My mental plan was to run ~ continously ~ the first 3 miles, and then do some intervals for the remaining 3. It is always a wonderful feeling when you realize that training is starting to pay off ~ because I still felt GREAT after 3 miles. I slowed my pace to a very slow, comfortable jog......but only stopped when stop lights dictated. I ran a nice, 6 mile loop around my area ~ even past Lisa's house where I yelled at the top of my lungs " Javaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!"

Okay, not really. But I thought about it ;)

And amazingly enough, here's where I ended up:

It was a BEEEE.U.T.FUL run!!! I felt strong the entire way. At one point I looked at Garmie, saw my pace, scowled at the data, and then literally said outloud to myself: "It's okay." It is okay for me to run a 12:30 pace for an entire 6.45 miles. And actually, it was BETTER than okay!

Legs felt good. Breathing felt good. Hydration was good. Fuel was good. Everything was GOOD.

Today is just a GOOD, GOOD day!

Medium Taper Run:

Distance: 6.45 miles
Time: 1:20:30
Average pace: 12:29

And plenty of (((((GOOD LUCK))))) vibes going out to all those who are racing this weekend ~ Jeff, Viv, Pat (possibly), Mendy.....and anyone else I may have spaced on :) Hurry up with those race reports!!!


Wes said...

Way to begin your taper on such a high note!!! It was a beautiful run and I know you are going to Rock the Sun :-)

Pat said...

Nice run. Sorry I haven't been around lately. Lots of work. I have been running and softballing, but haven't had time to do my blog. Not sure if I'm up to a half next weekend. but, it looks like you'll do great.

Nat said...

Sounds like we both had good runs today. My taper was a bit longer. Here's two reaching our goals. :)

(Ooooh and form time to time, I do standing in the house and yell "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" --- It scares The Boy but what can you do.

Bev said...

Don't you love it! Bring on the half. You are ready to smash it Pokey style.

Mendy said...

Ahhh... Thanks a ton, Karen!

Don't you just love taper time? I'm so glad taper started on a great note, and it will end on a an excellent run for you, I'm sure! Keep up the positive attitude and you'll reach your running goals. Here's to 1 wk before the Half!!!

J~Mom said...

Karen look at those times!!! Fantastic!!!!! WOOT!

RunnerGirl said...

don't you just love those runs when everything seems to fall into place and you feel good the whole time? Great job!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh that looks awesome. Way to go!!

Marcy said...

I can't believe the HM is coming up so soon!! Awesome job chica!

Sonia said...

Good for you for going by yourself! Only 1 week left till the big event!! Exciting =)

Viv said...

Thanks sweetie for the shout out
:) Supah nice, great consistent miles! you are going to do wonderful next weekend!!

Marathoner in Training said...

You are going to shine next weekend. Wish you could have done the ragnar with me, but you needed to keep with your training routine. Plan on next year.

Lori said...

That is an awesome run Karen! You are really doing a great job with the continuous running and before you know it you will be picking up speed, too! I can't believe how close your race is!

bill carter said...

Hi Pokey

I'm really excited for you and wishing you the best of luck. You've put in some great training and it sounds like you are ready. I love those "good good" days even though they are all too few and far between. Again, best of luck!

Jeff said...

Thanks for the wishes, Karen. Musta felt them 'cause Katie and I were talking about the TRC on Sunday.

Great looking run, too -- talk about consistent -- how'd you do that?

My Life & Running said...

Nice job on those 6! And you just made me feel so much better about my lame "long run" on Sunday! I forgot I was *tapering* ;) !!!