Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thanks for all the words of wisdom regarding the course elevation for Valley of the Sun ~ it helped me get my mind around it a bit more.

I'm with Jeff ~ being an AZ girl, flat is where it's at for me too :) It makes Micheline crazy that I consider running up my driveway as *hill work*.....but maybe she'd be impressed with the curb-work that Lisa and I do as our hill training? Going up and down curbs can be hard work ;) Apparently some people just don't get it.

I'm kind of excited about this run in a strange way ~ I'm not as well trained as I was for RNR, but for some reason I feel good. I feel strong. And it feels great!

Hopefully, that will hold true on Sunday too ;)

Last night was a quickie, tired run. I hate running so late at night, but I hate even more leaving to run when I could be spending time with my kidlets. We've been having some intense family Wii bowling tournaments the last couple nights! So I headed out around 8:30 ~ the only thing that got me out was knowing I didn't have far to run. It's taper-week, afterall! :)

Short Taper Run:

Mile 1: 13:02 (wow, need to wake up Pokey!)
Mile 2: 11:21 (okay, now you're movin'....)
.6 mile: 6:40

Total Distance: 2.6 miles
Total Time: 31:03
Average pace: I don't need to know ;)

Oh yeah ~ the Word Cloud idea over there --------> was stolen from Viv ~ what a cool idea! It's interesting what words repeat in my blog all too often. I like's kind of an at-a-glance version of who I am and what is important to me ~ running wise. Cool.


Viv said...

The Wii games are so cool still trying to convince the hubby we NEED it! LOL! WTG on getting out there.
I am so with you and Lisa on curbs being hill work. I do too..LOL! they get harder the higher the mileage, sometimes I have walked a couple towards the end ;-)

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I love the word clouds. I've got one too but haven't posted it yet.

Honestly, I tried to look at my hill elevations for you to give you an idea but I ran out of time. One thing you should be prepared for , those appear to be quite long, like mile 4 to 5 and was it 10 - 11.5 or something like that. That will seem long. I have a lot of .75 mile to 1 mile hills in my routes. You just have to conserve, slow yourself down, and know that there is an end. I usually do "recover" a bit at the top and flat feels pretty good after a hill like that. I think you will be fine, but you want to be mentally prepared for inclines that are a mile long.

Mendy said...

I think any hill that's a "hill to you" is a hill. If that makes any sense. If you're used to flat, going up your driveway may be a hill to you. Honestly, I wish it was more flat around here and I try my best to run flat when I can.

I hope I didn't sound hill snobby to you. I didn't mean to, if I did. I think you're going to do fine. Looking down at the ground works for a lot of people going uphill, that way you don't know how much more you got to go up. Maybe try it.

You and Lisa are gonna do great!! Remember take pictures! I want to see pics!!!

Laura N said...

You are SO GOOD to get out there at 8:30. I am a freaking blob of goo after the kids are put to bed. Of course, if I had warm AZ weather to run it, maybe I'd feel differently. I supposed we'll see, come spring, if it ever decides to arrive in Indiana. It's supposed to snow on Friday. WAAHHH!

You are gonna have a super great race Sunday!

Jeff said...

Hills are good. They suck, but they're good -- like medicine, I think.

Feeling good is half the battle. You'll do great!

Chief Wahoo said...

Your gonna roch that race!

I think you are going to be fine on the hills - looks like there is a lot of downhill portions on the course - use them to make up time from the slower uphill climbs! I love running downhill - stretch out the stride and let gravity help you!

nat said...

You'll be fine. Just one little step at a time. We have hills but I'm sure runners from other parts would consider them nothing.... have fun and enjoy

(And Nancy advice is stellar btw.)

Lori said...

I'm so jealous of all you "Wii people"! LOL I just can't seem to justify to myself why I need it! I think I better just stay happy with my MacBook for a bit longer ;)

Can't wait to hear about the half this weekend. I know you will kill it!

RunnerGirl said...

Love the word cloud!

Carly said...

I think I am the only one in the world that has never played Wii! I think I need to get one.
I also think hills are going over a freeway overpass. I do not do well with any sort of incline. LOL

My Life & Running said...

I love that word cloud - saw it on Marcy's too... very intrigued on what mine will say! ;)

Would you be up for dinner on Saturday? I'll be with new-running-buddy, but I'd really like to meet up with you! Let me know!