Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Big Lump of Goo

To steal a phrase from Laura, this is seriously what I am becoming ~ a big, lazy lump of GOO.

It’s sadly reminiscent of late 2006 after the completion of my very first *big race.* I came home, with nothing on my plate to work toward, and became completely complacent. I stopped training, kept eating, gained weight and allowed my running progress to take a backward slide.

When you’re a rookie, there is no such thing as a break from running. At least not for this rookie.

So I’ve enlisted a bit of help from my friends today ~ Micheline and I spent 45 minutes on the phone this morning, trying to find some races to target for early summer or fall. I need to have a carrot dangling in front of me to keep me moving. I won’t allow myself a repeat of past years.

So thenI emailed Nancy, and admitted that I am actually considering the Dam to Dam 20K that she had mentioned to me ~ yes, it's in Iowa. But nothing a little good planning and a little bit of credit on US Airways couldn't accommodate if necessary ;)

And in my final act of running desperation, I sent out a pleading email to some of my local running pals ~ Lisa, Pat and Eileen ~ begging for a 5 mile run this Saturday. It’s sad when Pokey ~ the once-upon-a-time-self-proclaimed-solo-runner ~ has to beg for a group run. So help me out, will ya running buddies?

Don’t let this Pokey become a lump of goo. It ain’t pretty.


Jeff said...

Sending some good running vibes out your way, Poke. Now that Pat's healthy and Java's birthday is past, they outta be good to go with you.

I totally know what you mean about not having that carrot out there. You'll get one.

Viv said...

I hope the running buds pull through for ya this weekend! If not you can do it!!

I am feeling ya on needing an event. I almost need an event lately to get outta bed somedays..LOL!

The 20K with Nancy would be soooo much fun!

Enough !!'s 4 ya, geez I need to go to !! 12 step program.

J~Mom said...

Why not the summer 5K series? :>D

See ya Saturday!

Mendy said...

I speak from recent experience here. Don't let yourself go too long without some consistency in running. I took about 2.5 months off and still don't see the digits I had before I dropped running for those months, so take it from me - you don't want to loose what you have gained. I know you don't and that's why you're reaching out. That's fantastic!!!!

I have to HAVE an event that's up next. My schedule is jam packed with events so this year, no slowing down. It's motivated me on days I didn't want to do anything but knew I needed to.

Nat said...

I hear you. I am sitting on my ass again. But I did sign up for a half. I am trying to figure out if I am doing the half or the full marathon in Montreal in September.

But don't sit too long... it just gets harder to get up.

Running Knitter said...

I think I might be able to make it on Saturday. I will email you. :)

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I am terrible without a carrot, too. Just awful. We would absolutely love to have you. We can also do a virtual race if you think that would help. That was what I started them for. After my half, my mileage dwindled away and I decided I better get something on the calendar fast. I'm here for ya!!

I'm probably running a 10k on Sunday. You can run it with me in spirit if you want and we can see who is really slower :D

Brianna said...

You've diagnosed my problem - I'm a big lump of GOO, too. I've talked about doing a 10K this summer and a half in the fall, but I haven't put my fingers through the paces of actually hitting those important buttons on the keyboard to make the committment to do the events. Guess I know what my job is before I call it a night! Good luck resisting the pull of the Goo!

Sonia said...

It's hard to get motivated without a goal, I also become the couch potato. hahaha I feel you pain! You could try and improve your 5K or 10K times. It doesn't have to be long distance training!

I'm solo running chick but I love to run with people! I just wish there was more people around me running!

Chief Wahoo said...

Perk up Pokey!

You'll find a great race to train for and be back in the groove before you know it!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

are you guys running "a lark in the park" on april 6? my mom and i will be there...

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I agree with J-Mom. The ARR Summer Series is a great place to start. 5 races for the price of less than one.

...are you still reading? Get outside and run already!

Topher said...

Uh,take it from a guy who's logged no more than 15 miles month-to-date for March, it's ok. Just move on. That's what I'm telling myself I have to do. I was planning to do a half mary this Saturday, but the excuses just kept coming. I think warmer weather will help. What am I saying? You live in Arizona! :)

Laura N said...

Oh man, I'm gonna have to come up with some better phrases if you're going to be quoting me! =) But I know what you mean, sister. I'm so ready for spring to lift me out of this winter BLAH that I have been in for months.

Your running pics in Hawaii look amazing. Anyone who runs while on vacation is a HERO in my book.