Wednesday, November 7, 2007


It's one of the top values that I try to instill in my kids.

Respect for other people - their opinions, beliefs, values, and their time.

So it really IRKS me (my substitute word for the vulgarity running thru my head right now) when others don't respect MY time.

I just got back from a football practice, that was supposed to be from 6-7pm (just a light additional practice - they normally practice on T and TH)...........that ended at 8:15.

Can you see my freaking PO'd face?

When I dropped D off, I asked his line coach: "you practicing until 8 tonight as usual?"

"Oh no" he says, "only an hour tonight."

Well, FRICK. I had planned on going to Home Depot to order our carpet, and go to the drugstore for a sick-kid drug run. An hour is hardly long enough to drive anywhere around here - especially when our practice wasn't at our usual location close to our house.

So what do I do? I head to the Great Indoors instead, peruse the carpet selection that is waaaaaaaaay to large for my brain to handle on a night like tonight, go to the drug store, pick up food for me and D, and head back to practice. Like the good doobie that I am, I am there by ten minutes until 7.

So explain to me why I sat in my car for almost an hour and a half? Because some people are disrespectful.

I know this is a total rant, and I'm sorry. I just had way too much time to think as I sat there, like a teenager dinking around on my cell phone to pass the time, going over and over in my head all the things I COULD have been doing.

As I watched about 5 runners pass by, it occurred to me that this time could have been well spent on my short run. COULD HAVE, had I known I would be there until 8:00.

I am on the verge of getting sick, I am tired, and I am pissed.

My blood is still boiling. Overreacting??? Maybe. So be it.


Wes said...

I hate that too. Some coaches just don't realize the comittment it takes to get kids to and from practice. They think we are on their time. Grrrrr! I love commiserating :-)

J~mom said...

Oh boy, I would have been mad as well. You have a very full plate this week and adding that hour did not help. Did you run last night?