Saturday, November 17, 2007


"Hi, my name is Pokey. I am a half-marathoner (tee, hee!) It has been 5 days since my last run."

(dang, that sounded nice!)

So I guess that means I am officially *in recovery* right?

Well, if recovery is always as good as it was this morning, heck...I'll run a half-marathon EVERY week! :P

I had a FANTASTIC 5-mile run this morning. Other than the fact that I had to run it solo...just me and my iPod....I can honestly say it was the best 5 miler I've ever run. Remember the girl who was sweating bullets the night before her first *group* run? The solo runner who couldn't fathom the idea of actually running with other people? Well, that same girl was sure missing some running buddies this morning :( SHOCKING, I know.

So if you think that's a big shock, hold on to your seats because what I'm going to say next is going to make plenty of readers fall over in shock ----- I ran the WHOLE thing.

I took one brief walk break (no more than a minute or so) at my turnaround point 2.5 miles out......and even ran through stop lights.

Hold on a minute....pigs must be flying here....

OLD POKEY: "Oh look, a red light. Cooooool, I can sneak in a break. I'll just stop and wait for the light to change....maybe 3 or 4 rotations." :P

NEW & IMPROVED POKEY: "Crap, a red light. I'll just keep running until I get a break in traffic and I'll cross then."

I felt so good, I can't even explain it. Of course it was a slow run (duh), but I could tell from the get go that it was going to be a good one. My body felt great, including my legs....even the fiesty calf muscle from last Sunday behaved itself nicely.

I can't even remember the last time I ran that far continously. It was SPECTACULAR!!! I think I will plan on staying in recovery forever then :P

Next week the TRC resumes with a long run together.....positive vibes to Pat who is in Vegas this weekend, trotting around like a turkey or something.... he's a maniac.

So now I'm off.....Tucson today, Flagstaff tomorrow. There is no keeping up with the Pokey this week!!!! Happy running everyone!


secretmom said...

congrats on such a strong run. I love those!

Michelle said...

Woohoo!!!! Gotta love those runs where everything just clicks : )

Jeff said...

Gotta love a really good run! Recovery right on schedule.

J~mom said...

WOOHOO!!! Great job on your 5 miler!!!!

Man I missed my buds this morning! I even whined to DH about having to run alone! WAH!!! Next weekend we are so on for 10!

Pat said...

good job. you are the maniac.

Wes said...

That post race high is awesome. Shows us a little more of what we are capable... Way to go, Pokee! There will be no keeping up with you now!!!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh, I am jealous. I love it when a run feels like that!! Great job, Half Marathoner!!

Pat trotting around like a Turkey cracked me up!

Laura N said...

LOVE those kind of runs. Great job!

overitall said...

Hey Pokey!!
Sorry I didn't post sooner, but CONGRATS!! You did great!! I can't wait till I can be a Half Marathoner just like you.

The One and Only Tigger said...

WOW, that is great. We are now in the presence of a 1/2 marathoner. That is great that you had such a great run.