Friday, November 30, 2007

Rain, rain go away

Come again another day...
The Tumbleweed Running Club wants to play...

or at least get a 10-miler done :P

It never rains in AZ....except today. So I found us some motivation for our long run tomorrow:

Walking gets you wetter — primarily because you’re in the rain longer.

Of course, it depends: how tall you are, how broad your shoulders are, how deep you are from front to back, how fast you run and walk, how slanted the rain is, and how much rain’s coming down.

Doug Craigen, a physicist from Winnipeg has done the math and programmed these factors into a calculator. A typical scene: a 5 foot 4 inch person with naturally curly hair, bad knees, in a blue fleece jacket reluctantly opens an office door. The red 4Runner sits 200 yards away in the pelting rain.


1. walk (3 mph, 1.3 m/s) and have 7.5 teaspoonfuls of rain splatter hair and jacket.
2. run twice as fast and get only 4.8 spoonfuls.

Easy decision, despite bad knees. Run!

That’s what a couple of meteorologists from the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C. found when they actually performed the experiment. They dashed 109 yards (100 m) through the Carolina rain and then weighed their wet clothes. The walker (Thomas Peterson) got 40% wetter than the runner (Trevor Wallis). Peterson and Wallis reported their results in the peer-reviewed Weather journal.

Walkers get wetter.


Who knew, right? AMAZING.

So no walking tomorrow, TRC. I want to stay 40% drier :)


Pat said...

can we run with an umbrella?

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Running in the rain can be really fun. Try to have fun with it. Also, leave ipods at home if it is pouring, or put them in a ziplock and only fish the cord out. Also, Extra, Extra Body Glide. Wet clothes chafe more and run the glide off.

Hope you have a blast!

J~mom said...

Geesh, I really wish I had seen Nancy's comment yesterday. :>P

Nice run chicka! We showed that rain who is boss!!

April said...

Glad you liked the article.

April Holladay, WonderQuest