Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Out with the old, In with the new

Shoes, that is.

This morning while T was in preschool, I took a trip up to Performance Footwear to check out a new pair of kicks. I’ve had my old shoes, a pair of Brooks Adrenalines for about 6-8 months now, and figured it was time again to be re-fitted. I haven’t whined too much here (you guys are lucky) about the numbness problems I’ve had in my foot in the past, and while it’s gotten better, it hasn’t gone away entirely.

My running gang on Saturday concurred that it might be an issue with my shoe and the width of the footbed and toebox. So I decided to go check it out. I took my old, dear friends with me.

The hour I spent with Jeremy at Performance Footwear was the most educational and helpful running experience I’ve had. He put me in the snazzy Nike *slippers* and did a complete “foot strike analysis.” I walked and ran on the treadmill while the camera recorded my foot movements. Then he played it back on the computer and analyzed my running. It was AMAZING!

Here’s what I learned today:

1. My existing shoes were way too small. The smaller size was not able to accommodate my foot expanding as I run, which most likely caused the numbness.

2. The physical structure of my foot is normal. Arches are normal height.

3. I am a PRONATOR. Who knew? When I had my first pair of running shoes fitted, I was told that I was a “neutral” runner with no noticeable pronation or supination. I don’t know if that was an inaccurate assessment, or if my running motion has changed over time.

4. I need a stability shoe, much like the Adrenalines, which are made for moderate pronators. A motion control shoe wouldn’t hurt, but probably isn’t necessary at this point.

So that’s a lot of running jargon for me for one day. I wish I’d had more time to spend at Performance Footwear, but didn’t want to leave my child stranded at school while I played around at the running store!!!

I tried on 3 pairs of shoes: the updated version of the Brooks Adrenalines, an Asics model (cant remember the name) and these:

New Balance 767 Stability Trainer

I fell in love with these immediately due to the cushioning (my Brooks never felt really cushy). They feel a little “boxy” compared to what I am used to….however, what I am used to turned out to be way too small! It may take a while for it to feel right….it seems strange that I can tighten these laces so much more than the Brooks. And my feet look absolutely gi-normous!!! Oh well, I never plan to win any fashion contests while running anyway ;P

So these are my new wheels. I can’t wait to take them out for a spin….hopefully they will serve me well.

And for anyone who hasn’t ever had their running foot motion analyzed before – DO IT……….NOW!!!! It is great information to have. I’ll keep you posted on how these New Balance bad boys work for me.


J~mom said...

I heart Jeremy. Sometimes I go in just to talk to him. LOL

Your new sneaks are so cute! Love the silver! I bet they will be so comfy!!!

Glad you had a good shopping experience!

Marcy said...

Yeahhhh I bet Lisa goes in there just to "talk" to him LMAO KIDDING!!

Ohhhhhhhh those are nice!! I'm sure they'll be good to those feet :-)

angie' spink fuzzy said...

sweet! let's hope these keep the numbness at bay!

and jeremy is cool; i ran with him when I was part of the performance footwear team on the ragnar relay del sol :)

Michelle said...

I was shocked when I got properly fitted for running shoes the first time - I was also running in shoes that were a size too small!

Definitely sounds like you learned a lot - hope the new shoes work out well.

Pat said...

I bought two pairs of shoes there. I don't remember Jeremy. Must be a girl thing. I do like PF and recommend them alot. Little know fact: right behind PF is Atletes Performance, a gym were the pro athletes train. Brady Quinn was working out there during his hold out.

I think the new shoes will serve you well.

Dan Seifring said...

Nothing better than a well fitted new pair of shoes.

I know because I need a pair really bad right now.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

I need Jeremy. We have a fairly knowledgable place but they don't have this analysis thingy. Is there a website somewhere that I can go to see who has it? I'm gonna look into that.

I have heard about the numbness before being too small of shoes for when you expand. Wish my problems were that easy :(

aerorunnergirl said...

YAY for new running shoes! I had the same problem with my last pair of sneakers... I could never figure out why, after 30 minutes or so on the elliptical machine, my right foot would start to go to sleep.... Never even considered that I was squeezing my piggies too much.

Good luck with the new shoes!

Andria said...

I went and had the analysis done at the running store and it was awesome!!! It made me feel like a kid when we used to get our feet measured and they lace them up for you and everything. I also found out that I pronate and I ended up getting Pumas. They rock and they feel like they don't weigh anything (well, for the first 8 miles anyway...). I recommend them. Plus they are in cool colors - mine are ice blue.