Sunday, September 30, 2007

Never a dull moment

That's what running with Lisa and Pat is like: never dull, and a hundred laughs a minute. Who would think an 8.5 mile run could be so much fun?

Well, seeing as how I am always the last one to post about our adventures, I'll leave most of it to my running cohorts to give you all the dirty details.

It's funny to me though, how we all seem to leave out just the teeniest, tiniest details that might incriminate OURSELVES during these Pat, while trying to avoid a combine during our on road/off road adventure, almost doing a face plant in the dirt despite his graceful recovery........or Lisa, who pretended to be UNsick when leaving the house in the morning, yet sniffled and snorted for the 8.5 mile journey, all the while talking about her grand plan to save 200 GU packets for a giveaway t-shirt. She didnt want to hear that this prized tshirt would end up costing her over $200, LOL!

ME? Well I admit my crazy moments...including a shower of Gatorade down my front side due to a water bottle malfuction, and an railroad track injury to my hand (which actually could be blamed on Lisa if I was so inclined). Oh yes, and I forgot about wearing my running pack upside down and almost....ALMOST dumping out all the contents at the gas station while trying to pay for my Gatorade. I must have gotten dressed in the dark.

How GGT put up with our antics, I am unsure. She stuck with us for 6 miles and then headed home for some real adult conversation. :) Since the REAL troublemakers are gone next weekend, she and I might try to meet up for a shorter run on Saturday morning before I leave town.

But seriously folks, yesterday was GREAT. Another personal mileage record for me at 8.5 miles. I had planned on running only 6, but felt good after that point and decided to stay on with Lisa and Pat.

Last week I started REALLY dragging around the 6 mile mark, so I could see a slight improvement this week. I think it was close to the 7ish mark that I wanted to start whimping out. That's when Lisa spotted the dirt trail for extra mileage and then......well, you all know how that goes.

My new ASICS were just awesome....only one short period of foot numbness and it wasnt severe, and went away quickly. They certainly aren't white anymore after yesterday, that is for sure. And should I mention the dirt rings around my ankles when I got home? I looked like my toddler after a day in the sandbox. :)

Only one strange physiological issue that is noteworthy - a strange feeling in my left calf muscle at almost 8 miles. I am not sure what a muscle *spasm* feels like, but I think that may have been what it was. It felt like my muscle was squiggling around in there....that is my highly techical explanation. A short walk break helped, and I'm glad it didnt return.

My lower calves were much tighter by the end of yesterday's run than I have ever noticed before. Today I am only slightly sore, which is good.

If what Pat tells me is true, I am hoping that by *pushing on* during these long runs when I feel like stopping, I am getting stronger and able to extend farther each and every time. See, Pat isn't just our comic relief, he is our mobile advice columnist. I have learned a ton from Pat in the last 16.5 miles! ;)

Have I mentioned that I have the best running buddies ever?


Marcy said...

You DEFINITELY have the best running buds ever! ;D ;D Looks like a blast!!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

way to go! that's awesome that you are upping your miles!

Pat said...

I can tell when you guys are too tired to talk. That's when I start giving my sage advice.

Michelle said...

Love reading all the different accounts of the same run - you guys are definitely lucky to have each other to run with : )

WADDLER26.2 said...

The miles go so much faster with friends.

J~mom said...

ACHOO! Who me? Sick? COUGH COUGH!!

LOL I loved your account! I seriously feel like we were so loopy!

Have fun with GGT next weekend. You guys will probably run and stuff that is serious. ;>)


WannaBe5Ker said...

8.5 fun-filled miles, way to go!!! It is great to have running buddies, that must be awesome!!!!

Thanks for your support on my blog, I think we are at about the same place in training for our races:-)

Neese said...

I really enjoy having running buddies as well....I also love my Asics! :)

overitall said...

Sounds like you had a great time!! Is this the same person that was concerned about running with a group a few weeks ago?

Wes said...

That little muscle spasm thingee is the onset of a cramp, I'm sure... Good idea to avoid those because they cause more muscle damage than running.

Going longer also allows you to go harder on the short runs.

You guys are hilarious! I don't think you should let Lisa be in charge next time :-)

Tigerlilly said...

That sounded like a whole lotta fun!! Wish I lived closer... I could do with some good running buddies... of course, I'm on a completely different level.. but maybe one day!!

Have a great run..

Andria said...

I love your post! I go through the same stuff. Each week as my long run gets longer I notice I just feel worn out at a later mile than I did the week before. I'm sure part of that's mental, but more so it's that we are building up resistance. It's cool to think "wow last week 6 miles was tough, now it doesn't phase me." You did great!

aerorunnergirl said...

You sound like you have a really fun group! The miles must fly by!