Wednesday, September 5, 2007

67 More Days

I wonder how I figured I’d have time for a blog?? Sheesh. I am lame.

A quick update for now……….Big Sur is 67 days away. I have come to terms with some things:

1. I am not ready
2. There is no way for me to be truly *ready* in the next 67 days.
3. I will need to use the Galloway method to complete the race.

Once I came to terms with where I am, and my limitations – all is well in my world again.

I got back on the running track (somewhat) last week with a short 2 mile run during the week, and a 4-miler both on Saturday morning and Monday morning.

Using Galloway, I run 2 minutes, walk for 30 seconds. I just wait for the beep and doing what my trusty watch tells me. This may not be the most glorious way to finish a half marathon, but it is the only way for me right now. It keeps my foot from going numb and keeps me moving. What more is there?

I am hoping to maintain some short runs during the week, with an increasing long run each Saturday or Sunday until November. It may not be the best training plan out there, but it is the only thing that has a hope of getting me to the finish line.

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