Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A game of tag?

Pat “tagged me” so I guess this is what I do…..don’t forget folks, I am a blog-rookie!

Jobs I’ve held: hotel reservation agent, political fundraiser, IRS intern (no hate mail please, LOL), accountant, office manager, director of human resources and accounting (current). Pro bono position: MOM.

Grown Up jobs: pretty much all listed above – I didn’t work until I was in college!

Future jobs: I love what I do…so unless I win the lottery or retire someday, I don’t see a change in my future profession.

My Guilty Pleasures: anything CHOCOLATE, pizza, Starbursts candy, Alaskan King Crab

Places I’ve Lived: Socorro, New Mexico; Columbus, Ohio; Tempe, AZ; Chandler, AZ

Show I Enjoy: Guiding Light, Law & Order, Dirty Jobs

Websites I visit daily: a ton of work-related, financial sites;; Self Propelled (thanks Pat!) and several blogs of my girlfriends.

Awards I have won: many academic awards in high school/college; AZ Employers Council Excellence in Human Resources award; “Best Mom” certificate from my sons for Mothers Day!

Nicknames: used to be K-squared (my initials with my maiden name), Honey, and Mom!

So am I done? How do I tag someone? I need to figure this thing out. ;)


J~mom said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Are you in Chandler also? Finally another female blogger! :>) Seems like they are all guys in AZ. Is your little one in preschool around here?

Pokey said...

Yep...I'm a Chandler gal!!! My little guy goes to preschool in Chandler also. We need to find a way to connect!! ;)