Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Longest Run of the Year

Oh Happy, happy, HAPPY long run day!

Yes folks, today was the day. I ran longer (not necessarily farther) than I had in an ENTIRE year!!!!! See, wonders never cease.

I’ve been down on my running lately, but set out this morning with a very specific goal: 1 ½ hour run. No mileage goal – just time. I get way too stuck on how far I am going, or rather…how far I am NOT going…and then I get frustrated and go home. So today’s goal was entirely time related – and it worked so well, I am thinking that all my long runs will be time-oriented for the next couple months until Big Sur.

The last time I ran an hour and a half was September 2, 2006. I finished the almost 8 miles of the B2B 12K in just about 96 minutes. It was my longest run ever.

Since then, I have been a slacker. My longest run since that time was 5 miles.

Today I ran the 90 minutes, and am totally, happily oblivious to how far I actually went. The purpose was to keep myself MOVING. I did not do run/walk intervals…instead just kept a slow running pace and walked when I needed to (which mostly consisted of water breaks).

And the amazing part – I FELT GREAT!!! The first couple miles are always the roughest on me…it takes me quite a while to warm up. After about 45 minutes or so today, I was feeling fantastic…….even despite this ridiculous heat here in hell where I live.

I decided to try some of the trails around my house, which is something I usually don’t do since it’s usually dark when I run. But today, in daylight, they worked great. And the other great key is that once you get on these trails – you can’t get off until the next mile! Keeps me from taking a short cut! :)

I ran past a dairy farm – a portion of which had cows literally 2 feet from where I was running. As I came up, one started to walk along the fence with me, as if trying to come along! You will all be happy to know, that yes….even the Pokey was able to out run a cow! LOL!

It was a great run, filled with different sights and sounds….and renewed my faith in running…and in myself. I need more runs like today.

In the next month and a half, I need to add a half hour…or ideally, an hour…to my running time, and I have no doubts I can finish Big Sur. Oh Happy Long Run Day!!

It sure wasn’t as noteworthy as Pat’s 9-miler, but it was definitely some major progress.

Now……..some questions also occurred to me today as I was running – regarding nutrition and fluid intake for Big Sur. I read somewhere once, I think…that only runs over 90 minutes require any intake other than water.

Is this right?

What types of pick-me-up foods should I start trying before then? I know all about the gels, etc….but have just never had a need for them since my runs have been so short.



J~mom said...

See there!! An hour and a half!! You are so ready for 8 miles! What do you say? Want to try next weekend? Do ya? Huh? ;>) I am in if you are! If you want we can loop around and then if you want off on the first loop I promise to let you go home. If you were by the canal I love that path. It usually seems populated with friendly people.

As for nutrition...I use GU gels. I usually use one at the hour mark and then about every 45 minutes after that. When I go out for a long run that I know will be an hour to 2 hours I will take one when starting out and then one at the half way point. I don't usually use more then two even for my longest runs. Other then that I just drink water and I drink a protein shake at home for recovery. HTH! Let me know if you are up for this weekend.

Tigerlilly said...

That is fantastic!! A little intimidating considering I am killing myself trying to walk/run 20 min at a time... but still fantastic!!

I saw that you are in Az... so am I. Was wandering where you get info on local(Az) 5k runs?? and how did you train yourself?? I am training myself to run... basically just to lose weight.. but really enjoy myself on good minutes! hehe

Take care and have a great Monday

Marcy said...

You know, I should really do that! Focus more on the time then the actual mileage. That's a good idea! And AWESOME JOB!!!! ;D ;D

I'm with Lisa, I do the GU. You can also do Gatorade or any of those sports drinks (you might want to water it down though, unless you have a stomach of steel. Straight up gives some people like moi, cramps/bathroom issues after a long run LOL)

WADDLER26.2 said...

Great job! I trained for my last marathon by time rather than miles and it worked great. Different things work for different people.

Nutriton for over 90 min. is trial aamd error. I like Clif Blox or Power Gel every 45 min. But an easy one is gummy bears.

Keep it up!

Pat said...

great run. Lisa mentioned the run and I'm up for it if you two are. Tri Berry GU is good. You can even experiment with them on short runs. eat one 15 minutes before you run. Shot Bloks are good too. They're like gummy worms. Find out what type of drink they will have at your half marathon and try some to see if you like it. You want to make sure you get some salt on long runs. Either in your drink or you can even eat a salt packet before your run.

aerorunnergirl said...

Congrats to you, Pokey! I am a huge advocate of the "run by time, rather than by distance" philosophy. It works great for me! Congratulations on your Long Run Day success! Keep up the great work! One of these days I hope to catch up to where you are! An hour and a half seems like an eternity to me! :)

Pat said...

pokey, are you doing the Race for the Cure? check out my blog, you can sign up for the ASU Gold team and get an extra tee and we'll be carpooling too.

Pokey said...

Thanks everyone for all the encouragement! Remind me of this please, the next time I am whining and complaining about my running! ;)

Pat - I am all signed up for Race for the Cure. I almost registered last week on my own...glad I didnt so I can team up!

Lisa and Pat - I am hesitantly.....nervously.....anxiously agreeing to try a long run with you both on Saturday.....only catch is that it would have to be SUPER early. My son has a football game that I would need to get home and get ready for (we look like we're on a week's vacation when we leave for a single football game, LOL!). So how early are you guys willing to venture out......and Lisa - did you have a route in mind?

You can email me....

Pokey said...

Oh yeah...and me, so I have your address....I can give you some info on some great local runs! Where in AZ are you?

Pat said...

did you sign up with the ASU Gold Team? Did you want to carpool with us? We are meeting race morning near Baseline and Dobson.

looking forward to running with you and lisa. you guys name the time and place, I'll be there.

Andria said...

Yay for the longest run! It's fun just to run for time instead of milage. One day of my training is just for time. It gives your brain a bit of a break to just run until the watch says x-minutes. Good job.