Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Official Pokey Sighting

Move over Big Foot, Lochness Monster, UFO’s and Santa Clause – there has been an even more unbelievable sighting in a heavily populated region of Arizona!!!!

Yes, folks – it was the first, official POKEY SIGHTING to be reported in the area.

It was recorded just over a week ago and the source, although highly credible, felt it necessary to confirm the sighting with the subject involved. This is the account of how it went down:

Observer: Hey….do you run in the area of [insert cross streets here]?

Pokey: Yes, I do. Why…did you almost run over me with your car? [both parties chuckle]

Observer: No, we just moved to that area and were driving home the other night and thought we saw you running down the street. “Bob” said, “hey, isn’t that Dylan’s mom?”

Pokey: [laughs] Yeah, it was me. Was I by myself?

Observer: Yes, and I thought it was strange because it was dark.

Pokey: Yeah, I run at night alone. Crazy, huh?

Some more running conversation ensued, more pleasantries were exchanged and we parted company. This was at Dylan’s football party last evening, and the woman was the wife of his Line Coach.

As the first public sighting with someone actually be able to identify me while trudging down the road (which is a challenge cause I move so fast and can sometimes appear blurry), I was happy with the conversation.

She used the word RUN….I acknowledged….and she didn’t even look astounded! Lucky for me, she must have spotted me at a time when I was actually moving and not stopped on the side of the road to fuss with my Garmin or copping a walk break.

I left the party last night realizing that for the first time, I wasn’t embarrassed to admit to someone that yes, I RUN. She didn’t seem surprised by this admission, and it felt good. It was different from the first few times….way back now…when I was too embarrassed to tell anyone (outside my family) that I was training for a road race. Then when I DID tell people, they were consistently surprised. After all, I didn’t *look* like a runner. And honestly, I still don’t.

But I DO and I AM. And I hope that more people I know see me propelling myself down the street and ask me about it….just so I can tell them that I AM A RUNNER.


Wes said...

After volunteering at Ironman, I learned to never judge an athlete by their shape, size, gender, and age. You ARE a runner :-)

Micheline, aka Partner in Crime said...

Guess friends calling you a runner doesn't count. Well, don't we feel like a bunch of schmooo's. ;o)

Congratulations you runner you.

The One and Only Tigger said...

Here I thought you were my frind....Well..I am speachless....You have always been a runner to me, one that I look up to, a mentor, someone to give me inspiration, someone to have lunch with and talk about RUNNING. From all the bloggers that read this to you "WE KNEW YOU WERE A RUNNER".

When are we doing lunch again?

Pat said...

You are a runner! And thank you for running with me.

Viv said...

You runner you! I could totally related to your post. I just have not been sighted yet..LOL!

Glad, you stoped by my blog. I like when I find people that are in my pace group. Well ur faster, but I have hope :-)

Congrats on your 1/2!!

Moral Victories said...

Too funny. I had this conversation with a coworker. "Hey, I saw you running down Byron..." -- conversation that ensued was more along the lines of why I do this to myself.

Oh.. and there is nothing wrong with walk breaks. :) I love my walk breaks.

All hail slow pokes!

Secretmom said...

you are an awesome runner, no matter how quickly you run. getting it done is what matters!

this will probably tip you off to what a narcasist i am, but when i'm running on busier streets, I always imagine everyone in the cars are people i know, and it helps keep me going to impress "them" :)

Laura N said...

That is so freaking cool! Good for you for feeling like a runner. I totally know what you mean. I've had a couple of people tell me they've seen me running, and it always gives me a funny warm feeling deep down, like yeah, I'm a runner and I'm special. =)

Chief Wahoo said...

The not looking like a runner comment made me laugh - since I am built like an NFL linebacker but training to run a half marathon.

The sightings by friends and co-workers do provide a great ego boost don't they!

J~mom said...

Every time someone sees me I am walking. Or a neighbor will see me coming home from a 10 mile run but I am cooling down. The last time they go, "have a nice walk?" I wanted to go well actually I just ran 10 miles but yeah. I didn't though. :>P

Dying Water Buffalo said...

I've heard the difference between a runner and a jogger is an entry form.


Jeff said...

Fast runner? Slow runner? Just a runner runner. Like it or not, you are one! (I think you like it!)