Tuesday, December 18, 2007

If pumpkin loaf could talk

I would be in BIG trouble right now.

Because a full loaf the delectable little treat is sitting on my desk today, staring at me….just begging to be eaten. One of my coworkers somehow thought it would be a nice gesture to bring me some of my favorite holiday food….not realizing that it would put IFG and Pokey into a heated battle for the rest of the day.


So far, I have resisted for 4 hours. Now it is just a battle of principle. I am such a SUCKER for sweets…….ugh, it’s horrible.

I need to run tonight, but probably won’t be able to until tomorrow.
Here’s my plan for the next week:

Wednesday ~ 3-4 miles
Thursday ~ 3 miles
Friday ~ off
Saturday ~ 5 miles
Sunday ~ off
Monday ~ 5 miles
Tuesday ~ Merry Christmas!
Wednesday ~ Long run with Pat & Lisa ~ actual mileage TBD: 10-14 miles
Thursday ~ off

Starting that Thursday, we will be up in Flagstaff until January 1, so I have some work to do to figure out a running schedule. I need a “longer” run of 6-8 miles over the weekend of the 29th, but it’s going to really suck having to knock that down by myself :( I’ll probably just have to have the family drop me off somewhere so I have no choice but to run home!

After the first of the year, we have one weekend run left – a 5 miler on 01/06/08 and then ba-da-bing: Rock N’ Roll!!! It’s crazy how fast that has snuck up on me.

Oh yeah……and I just have to say that I got the absolute BEST surprise Christmas gift from a fellow blogger yesterday…..but the catch is, there is still another one of these great gifts that still needs to be given….so MUM is the word until then, as to not ruin the surprise. I sooooooo want to post a picture, but I guess it will have to wait. My Surprise Santa ~ you know who you are ~ THANK YOU again! I LOVE IT and can’t wait to show it off!


Moral Victories said...

There is a new girl at work. I really used to like her until she brought sweets. Not just any sweets. The good buttery kind... butter tarts, date squares, shortbread cookies... sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

My IFG won. I think I have to run an extra mile tonight

J~mom said...

So did IFG win or were you strong? :>)

Your schedule looks great! I can't believe we are in the home stretch now! Amazing!

Chief Wahoo said...

Well did the pumpkin loaf make it?

Enjoy those last long runs before the half marathon!