Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve Wog

I love the term *Wog,* which I stole from Tigerlilly because sometimes it is just so indicative of what I do. I jog....and I walk. Therefore, I wog. I love it!

So this morning was my Christmas Eve wog......which was fantastic. I had planned on 3 miles, and finished up at 3.55 after all was said and done.

I took off out of the gates and knocked down the first mile at 11:44. Do you all get how fast this is for me? By myself, nonetheless? I was stoked. But then reality hit, and with a long run pending day after tomorrow, I figured it was best to not try for a 3 mile PR this morning after all :P

So I covered up Garmie......jogged a little, walked when I wanted/needed....and just enjoyed the morning out.

I was ECSTATIC to discover at the end of 3.55 miles that all my splits, even with a few walk breaks intermingled, were under 13 minutes. I mean ~ think about it ~ when one runs a 12 minute pace, and then takes walk breaks ~ splits are never under the 13 minute mark. Well, kids....this was today:

Mile 1: 11:44
Mile 2: 12:36
Mile 3: 12:51
.55 mile: 11:51 (pace)

Total: 3.55 miles
Time: 43:38
Average pace: 12:18

This tells me that my running pace has MUCH improved lately. I am close to saying I have knocked a minute off my pace from a few months back. What a good, good way to be winding up 2007.

Garmie has never, EVER surprised me in such a good way before. He must know it's Christmas :)

Happy Holidays everyone!


Pat said...

you are truly improving. Now, that's a Christmas present. Soon, we will all be doing 10 minute miles without thinking about it.

Can't wait for our 20 miler on the 26th. Are you ready? yeah, I might do 20.

Here's hoping your entire family has the Merriest of Christmas'.

Marathoner in Training said...

A ten mile run will be a casual one by March for all of us. Merry Christmas to your family from ours

Flo said...

Wow, that's a great present!!! I'd like a present like that :) I love the term wog too, I may steal it from you ;)

J~mom said...

Awesome Mrs. Speedy Pants!! :>) Keep up the great work and you will keep shaving time off!

Merry Christmas to the M clan!

Jeff said...

Ha Ha, Wog, I love it. Me, I'm a jalker, but I'm thinking I like wog better. Definitely sounds faster!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!

Dan Seifring said...

Nice Run Pokey.

Hope you and your family had a great Christmas.

Marcy said...

LOL I like that!! "Wog"