Friday, December 14, 2007


They say to be careful what you ask for because you just might get I have to confess:


Am I over myself? Not quite yet, but I’m working on it.

I guess this could be termed a FUNK just like many of us bloggers have been in and out of over the past few weeks. I’m just not usually funky, so it’s hard for me to know what do with myself when I get stuck in one.

Last night was probably the worst I have felt in a long time. I was exhausted and sluggish, and just over all crabby. Dylan had a band concert, which was GREAT…and afterwards we went out for Mexican food with the grandparents and all. I ate horribly….then came home, got the kids to bed and then wanted to crawl in bed myself. I felt so incredibly LAZY.

But as usual, I decided to check blogs first…..

I read all the amazing comments from my fellow bloggers, and it is always good to know that others are pulling for you and that many also have an IFG (girl or guy) that drops in for visits now and then. It’s always good to know that you’re not alone in the constant struggle for weight loss and fitness.

Micheline has ridden this road with me before, and her dissertation is what I constantly used to get via email when I was having a “moment.” It’s funny how differently people are motivated by different things ~ Mich has known me long enough to know that the best way to get me moving is TOUGH LOVE. Can you tell she’s a lawyer? She’s awfully wordy, eh? :P

All my newer friends were a bit nicer….except for Eric, whose email to me essentially said “what is all this crap?” LOL…you guys are all da bomb!

The final slap upside the head for me came last night when I read Lisa’s blog. And I quote:

….. I didn't want to get this far and then mess it up…..

She’s talking about RNR, and how hard she has worked. And lemme tell you, the woman has worked HARD.

We are supposed to run together on Sunday and it hit me like a ton of bricks……..I also will NOT be the one to mess it up for Lisa. She needs a running buddy on Sunday morning at 6am that is ready to rock and roll and knock down some serious mileage. NOT someone who is lazy and lethargic from a week of lousy eating and no running. She doesn’t need a running partner to bring her down and compromise her training. She needs someone that is equally motivated, focused and committed.

So that being said, the choice was easy. I got myself dressed and at 9pm headed out to the garage to dust off the dreadmill and get myself moving. I was tired, but told myself (outloud, I believe) that even walking for 30 minutes would be better than what IFG was taunting me to do ~ which was go lay in bed and forget about it.

So I hopped on and went. An easy jog at 4.5mph for the first mile; another easy 2 miles at 5.0. A little walking cool down and all became well in my world again.

I was totally mentally refreshed. A 3 mile jog and a good nights sleep, and like I said – I am almost over myself. I feel much better today.

Thanks for the kick start!


Laura N said...

Oh, girl, I am so with you on all counts. I'm looking for my kick in the pants this afternoon, in the form of a really nice long run. My IFG is not gonna beat me, by golly. I've come too far.

It is so supremely cool that you have *real* running friends that motivate you and keep you going. And it's super cool that YOU are there for THEM, by pulling yourself up and getting over the IFG coup attempt.

I'm also glad to now know your name is Karen. =)

Pat said...

The nice thing about running at night these days is that you get to see all the Christmas lights.

You're doing great, keep it up.

J~mom said...

Oh girl! I am so glad that helped. LOL You have inspired me to get out of bed on so many occasions that we are totally in this together! Muah!

Micheline - Verbose one said...

I couldn't help but think this was extraordinarily appropriate.

p.s. Didn't they tell you - us lawyers really get paid by the word.

aerorunnergirl said...

Hey! Sorry I've been so absent! I love the new look.

Thanks for being a good friend to Lisa! I have been in need of friends like you lately, as my running has been non-existent ever since the Sinus-infection-that-rocked-the-world.

Marathoner in Training said...

Thats a girl. Thanks for the shoutout. Keep it up.