Sunday, December 16, 2007


I don't care what grief Pat gives us about living in AZ, while Mr. Marathon was snug in his warm bed, Lisa and I ~ along with the great company of her friend T ~ headed out at 6 am when the temperature was a CHILLY 37 degrees!!!!

And you KNOW it's cold when after 8 miles your running buddy looks over and says " have FROST on you!!!" My black shirt was frosty alright, and so was Lisa's visor. So I think we can fully substantiate that it was COLD today :)

To help Lisa out, I'll post splits from Garmie....but for this run, it's also important to note the actual running pace for the 6 miles that we ran with T.....since she is a speedster, and my sheer goal this morning was to be able to keep up. We did R7W1 intervals, but our MAX running pace was CRUISING! (at least for this slow poke) So while the overall workout pace was still 12:45.....check this out:

Lap 1: 13:38 (from my house to meet Lisa - includes walking warmup)
Lap 2: 8:00 (.55 mile walking to meet T)
Lap 3: 11:42 (here we go..... running pace ~ 9:48)
Lap 4: 12:16 (running pace ~ 9:50)
Lap 5: 12:19 (running pace ~ 10:21)
Lap 6: 12:59 (running pace ~ 10:37)
Lap 7: 12:59 (running pace ~ 10:10)
Lap 8: 12:39 (running pace ~ 10:09)
Lap 9: 13:04 (running pace ~ 10:11)
Lap 10: 5:05 (.45 mile ~ running pace ~ 10:24)

Overall run: 9.0 miles ~ average pace 12:45


When I get more time, I'll post some of my thoughts about running in the cold, in shorts and unable to feel your thighs....and the potential consequences :(


Pat said...

I was out showing homes this morning. But, I forgot my sunscreen, so now I'm a tad red. Had to race home to put on some shorts before my afternoon showings up in Scottsdale. The big question is, should I put the top down or not? Did you say it was cold? Quit lying to all our running buddies up north.

J~mom said...

OH my gosh, Pat is so going to get a swirlly!!! LOL

Nice job Karen girl!!!!!!! You did awesome today. Don't think I didn't feel those daggers in the back of my head either!! LOL!! You rock non-pokey!!!!!

BTW, it was r6/w1. I hope that is ok. I thought that would help us! I thought I told you guys but if not sorry.

Dan Seifring said...

Wow I think your run was colder than mine this morning. I did have to deal with the rain.

Nice run pokey.

Micheline/Nevadamtnbear said...

Cold? Whatever.

Do I sound unsympathetic? I am. Come join me for my 5am runs where it's in the teens to low 20's.

Good job on the running! That's some wicked fast running - particularly compared to my uber slow 7 miler today.

Here's a hint - - they've got awesome "WINTER" running clothes for you weenies down there in Arizona. *snicker*

Wes said...

Think tights :-) I can stand cold on my legs up to a point...

David said...

Wow, you guys were moving out pretty well! Lisa only told part of the story. Maybe it was the caffeine deprivation that interfered with her story telling!


Christie said...

You ran in shorts? You're better than me. Great run, though.

teacherwoman said...

Awesome run, indeed!! nice job!

Marathoner in Training said...

Great job, those people up north have no idea how COLD it is here, They do not realize that it is a DRY cold. Try running in the early afternoon. Maybe we should all move to Hawaii or San Diego.

Runner Leana said...

It has been cold around here, but I've never had frost form on me... Yuck!