Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Ramblings

That must be what my boys hear every morning when I grace the bathroom scale with my presence. I think the thing hates me ~ just like Garmin does. Hey.....maybe there is a conspiracy among electronic devices in my household??? You know, it's a definite possibility. I might need to launch an investigation.

The scale eased up on me a bit this weekend with a pound or so drop....which I will take with supreme gratitude. I have been exercising a ton (well, a ton for ME...maybe not other crazy people that I know....) and have been eating well, and all I can seem to do is maintain. Apparently my body really, really likes the weight it is at and doesn't want to drop down any further. So we are at a battle of wills.....with me chugging along each week just hoping to see the tiniest of losses. I won't babble on any more about what a difficult process weight loss is ~ I've whined about it way too many times before. So I'll be quiet and go eat some more carrots...

That was Ramble #1.

Ramble #2: Running

I had a mediocre workout week last week ~ one short run and one weight lifting class. I broke my streak of mid-week runs on Thursday night when my youngest son ended up at the emergency room with croup. Yeah, you can Google it ~ it's a stupid childhood illness that usually affects kids much younger than a 4 year old ~ so it was just dumb like that my little guy got it. We spent 5 hours at the hospital so that he could get a breathing treatment, and then called it a night. It was exhausting and sure FELT like a maybe I should count it anyway ;)

Saturday morning was a group run with Eileen and Christina, and it went pretty well. I had 7 miles on my schedule; Eileen had 8 and Christina had 5. So we ran 5 miles together along the canals, dropped off Christina, refilled water bottles and Eileen and I headed out for a few more laps around Tumbleweed Park. I love Eileen to death, but I think she tried to kill me :) This was her *low mileage* week following a 14 miler last weekend....but was a BIG mileage week for me. I hadn't run that far since the Valley of the Sun HM in March, so my body sure felt every mile of it! It was a bit hotter than I would have liked, and my legs just felt tired. I thought for sure I would be crazy sore the next day....but to my surprise, I felt great! I can definitely feel a difference in how my body recovers now, versus a year ago. All good stuff...

Ramble #3: Proud Mom Moment

My older son's football team has been getting a lot of publicity around Chandler, including the newspapers and an online publication called the Valley Sports Ledger. The Ledger is dedicated to kids's sports in the Phoenix area. Last week, his name was mentioned in a printed article ~ and this week his picture made the team highlights. He's the defensive lineman, just about to nab the quarterback. Not necessarily his best side, but you get the picture ;)

Yup, he gets all his athletic abilities from his mother. Happy Running this week!!

ORN: 8 looooong miles


Pat said...

Looks like a fumble about to happen. Go Rattlers!

I could really tell the difference in temps from Tucson on Sat. to Tempe on Sun.

What's on the schedule for next week? NINE?

Chad said...

I hope the little one is feeling better.

Running Knitter said...

I seem to remember you saying "Yeah, we can do it!" during that last mile! :)

Nat said...

Got night's in ER are the worst, and I think they definitely count as a workout.

One of my friend's got croup. She's 32.

Wes said...

I hate croup. Sounds like the poor kid is going to die at worse, and cough up a lung at best.

Even with all the Ironman training, I haven't reached a new low yet. LOL... It is what it is!!

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of your son, you're a proud mama. :-)

I like your view of the scale. You just have to stick with this eating/exercise thing and you will certainly be rewarded at the scale.

Hope your son is feeling better.

teacherwoman said...

Love the cartoon! I have seen that one before! I hope the little guy is feeling better!

Nice work with the running! :)

Jeff said...

Awesome that you got 8 miles in. Way to go adding that extra mile.

My kids are older and my 8 year old still coughs like he has croup in the middle of the night. Scarest the hell out of us. Hope yours is doing better.

Bev said...

Weight loss = Boooo!
Running = Yeah for the long run!
Kiddos = They make you laugh, cry and feel great pride. It's never a dull moment.

Kathy said...

I found your blog from Chris's and laughed out loud at the Garmin/scales comment! Great blog! Croup is awful. My kids have been sick with colds and viruses and it isn't even winter yet-I'm kind of afraid of what the colder weather will bring!

Nitmos said...

I agree with Pat, that must have been a fumble waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome about your son and his football team! Both our boys play and when they do well, I also take the credit ;-)

Looks like a great tackle!

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

The cartoon is funny!!

Hope your son gets over croup soon. That's no fun.

And congrats on your football player son making the Ledger!

Marathoner in Training said...

I think your scale and mine have something going on. We need to investigate it. I all ways tell my kids that we do not have time scheduled for going to the emergency room. I hope that he is feeling better.

Laura N said...

Hang in there on the weight loss thing. Keep doing the right things. It will pay off.

Yay for your long run!

Woohoo to your son! I love football. How excellent to be a proud mama. I bet you know just how Mrs. Manning feels. =)