Thursday, October 25, 2007

Who stole all my time?

And my training too, for that matter!

According to my calendar, which I'm sure must be horribly incorrect - Big Sur is 17 days from today.

[where is the scared - @#!&%**&$ face to insert here?]

So my mind is flooding with questions now.....the biggest being about my next long run.

Due to time constraints (and a football playoff game on Saturday morning), I am not going to be able to run the 10 miles I had planned on :(

Can I / Should I run it next Saturday - November 3?

The race is on Sunday, November 11.

Since I know nothing about tapering....nor really have a need for true tapering since I haven't been really *training*.......what is the longest I should run a week beforehand?

I had REALLY wanted to try and knock down a 10-miler. It may not have had a ton of physical benefits, but mentally it would do WONDERS.


Non-Runner Nancy said...

I was in the same situation. In my humble opinion (and my hubby's who I trust more than mine) 10 is too much the week before. Most marathon plans are ony doing 8 the last long run, so you should probably be doing something much less than 8. Can you get the 10 in Friday or Monday?? Can you get up super early and get at least 7 or 8 in?

Nevadamtnbear said...

Karen, Karen, Karen...

Please don't show me up. I mean, I'll be lucky to get a 5 miler in between now and then. Hell, at the rate I'm going right now, Big Sur alone is going to be more than my average weekly milage right now.

*Yes...all the lurking running guru experts...I know it's recipe for injury, but life throws you curve balls and you decide heck with it, I'm swinging for a home run*

So, take it easy. I want you to be uber pokie with me.

Michelle said...

I'm far from an expert, having just run my first half, but I can tell you what I did. I was just in the process of coming back from a hellish shin splint issue that kept me from running for nearly 10 weeks, and was terrified of it flaring up again, so I had a very, um, condensed training schedule.

In the four weeks leading up to the half, my weekly long runs were 5, 6.5, 8, and 10 miles (during the week I was running just one or two 3-mile runs.

And yes, that 10-miler was run just one week prior to the race. Then the Wednesday before the race, I ran a nice, easy 3 miles.

So, no taper to speak of, and truthfully, no real training plan to speak of, but for me, it worked fine. I ran the half slow and easy, and I felt fantastic the entire time.

Everyone's different, so you have to go with what feels best for you, but I just thought I'd share my experience.....

Good luck!!!!!

J~mom said...

Please don't do the 10 one week out! I was in a similar situation and did not taper appropriately for my first half. That led to my quad strain which led to PT. I am a firm believer that going into an event a little under trained is better then over trained with fatigued muscles.

Pat said...

do the 10 on sunday. Go from the park to warner road. That's five miles. turn around and head back. There's gas stations at chandler and warner for short stops.

since you can't run with me on Saturday, I decided to run the YMCA half marathon. My taper is I'm not running today or tomorrow.

Marcy said...

I'll let the more experienced hand out advice on this but YOU WILL DO GREAT!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D Don't sweat it too much chica!

Pokey said...

Thanks is great to see all the different perspectives.

I KNEW in my brain I shouldnt do 10 the week before, I just needed someone to remind me! :)

Lisa and I are running on Sunday and hopefully I will do 8; then next weekend maybe a 6 mile long run will suffice. Again, not like I'm really looking for physical benefits (its way too late for that), it is mostly just mental for me.

So Lisa - keep me on track, will ya girl?

Mich - dont give me that. You are more ready than you give yourself credit for! (you always are!)

Nancy and Michelle - you are my inspirations!! I hope my Half will be as great as both of yours!

Pat - well, youre just an animal! I cant keep up, LOL! :) Good luck on your half on Saturday...just envision yourself on the canals with the TRC and the llamas.

The 311 Boys Mom said...

do it later in the day Saturday...OR late Friday night; OR Sunday.

I think you need it mentally.

I have only done 1 5K; ut I've read a TON of crap on all of this (I'm a little OCD when it comes to research). Fit it in between now & Tuesday & adjust the rest accordingly.


angie's pink fuzzy said...

if possible, i suggest doing that 10-miler with Lisa on Sunday...

Taryn said...

I had to miss a couple of my marathon long runs due to work... no worries! I say if you can't fit in that 10 miler on Sunday, just pass on it. Count it as lost and keep to your plan, as it.

17 days... hang in there! ;)