Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Short Run

Due to some technical difficulties, Lisa has bestowed upon me the honor of posting our run report from last night….which will be about as short as the run itself! ;) Rest In Peace, dear Java-Computer….you will be missed….but hopefully soon replaced! :)

Last night we met up with a group of other women in our neighborhood, a group that happens to be training for the Komen Race for the Cure in a couple weeks, and knocked down a 2.2 mile run. I have no idea how fast or slow we ran.

It was pretty much uneventful, other than it was humid than all heck and I made a GREAT sweaty, stinky first impression on these women that I ran with for the first time! I thought it was cooler outside than it was, so I wore a cotton t-shirt. Very BAD IDEA. Oh well, a little sweat never hurt anyone to my knowledge.

I got to meet Java-Son, who ran circles around us…..literally. The child is fast. But what kid his age isn’t? They live to run (and it shows) and have tons of energy. Last night I deemed him our Energizer Bunny.

On my lengthy .75 mile drive home, I contemplated parking and getting some more mileage in. It was nice to not be tuckered out by a 2 mile run, and I felt like I needed some more.

But then the image of my disastrous house, along with piles of pre-vacation laundry waiting anxiously for my return popped into my head and I went home. Duty called.

I was glad to find that the kidlets were in bed and I could get some things done. My little son had made me feel bad about leaving to go run with the group – a classic case of Toddler Induced Guilt. “I not want you to run” he pleaded as he watched me get dressed. Most of the time I run when my kids are in bed and they don’t see me leave. They are not used to me actually leaving the house for some MOM time.

I am glad in many ways that running has forced me to be a bit more selfish. It forces me to take time for me, just because I want to. I am a working mom, although I don’t work as much as one might expect. I am afforded a great salary, with great flexibility to put my family first, while only working a few days in the office each week. Yet still, I hate leaving my kids once I am home. Last night was good for me. It forced me to tell my son that, YES…..mom IS going to take some time for herself. And it felt good.

So, let’s see what the rest of the week brings:

Tonight – I might try to go to the gym for some weight training, or a short run
Thursday – short run
Friday – rest
Saturday – run with GGT – no real mileage goal, I think we are planning on an hour run (30 min out, 30 min back) since that is really all the time I have that morning.

Saturday afternoon we leave for Mexico. I am taking all my running paraphernalia with me, in the hopes I can at least get several short runs in during the week. We get back the day before Race for the Cure.

By that time, it will be 28 days until Big Sur and 6 days until my 35th birthday. YIKES!!!!!! I had wanted to complete my first half marathon BEFORE my 35th birthday, but the folks in Monterey just weren’t very accommodating. :P


Laura N said...

Totally understand about not wanting to leave your kids. But they will get used to it, and frankly it's good for them! Your son doesn't know it now, but when he's older and has a healthy mom that his friends think is HOT, he'll be embarrassed but happy that his Mama looks good. Your selfish time away is an investment in everyone's future!

Hope you enjoy yourself in Mexico.

Andria said...

It's great that you took some Mom time. That is one of the best parts about running is that when you feel stressed out about all the things vying for your attention, you can just say "this is just for me." Good for you to stick up for yourself.

Michelle said...

One of the reasons I love to run is that it's time that is ALL for me! Selfish, yes, but also really good for me! And I think it's great that my kids see me (and my husband) going out running, and biking, and working out at the gym. It sets a really good example, and hopefully when they're older, they'll be running and biking alongside us : )

angie's pink fuzzy said...

yay for you taking "mom" time!!! that's so important.

Marcy said...

Thanks for posting this. Lisa text me earlier saying she was having probs with the comp.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Do you find it odd that we both used the Energizer Bunny in our posts today? BIZARRE. And, kudos to whoever came up with that because it is obviously household word. :)

Glad you had fun with the Java's.

Pat said...

good job getting the run in. I'm about to go running now.

I'll email you about the car pooling to the Race for the Cure.

have a great vacation.

Emil Von Asskick said...

You are suddenly rich with running buddies, color me jealous.

J~mom said...

Glad you could join the group! Now you can go anytime you want! :>)

I want to work with you..are they hiring? :>)

Emil Von Asskick said...
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Emil Von Asskick said...

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Pokey said...

Get out! Wow, stardom, LOL! Hope it doesnt go to my head :P

Lisa....funny you should ask, since I am the one that does all the hiring! ;)