Sunday, October 21, 2007

CAUTION! Whining Ahead

Those looking for warm & fuzzy running vibes need not continue. This post contains no such thing!

Contrary to Pat’s kind words, I had a lousy run on Saturday morning.

The only thing good…, GREAT….was the company. Pat and I ran 6.3 miles together, some with Jerry – who is working on recovering from an IT band/knee problem. He would make another great addition to the TRC (Tumbleweed Running Club) if he can put up with us again! ;)
The weather was also good - 57 degrees on my car thermometer on my way to Tumbleweed. A perfect morning.

So the company was great and the weather was good….the run, not so much.

I knew instantly when I woke up that it was going to be a tough one. I was tired from the night before (some extended family drama had kept me up until almost 1am), and I was also having some *girlie* issues (I’m sure Pat is glad he didn’t know that at the time!) It made me laugh actually, since the first time that Charlie’s Angels ever ran together, we discussed how bad it would be for the sole male to run with females with *issues.* Sorry Pat, hope I wasn’t too bad! I was also still recovering from a cold, so the sniffling and snorting along the way also didn’t help.

It was a tough run for me. I felt better during and after our 8 miler a few weeks ago than I did yesterday, and then today. I felt exhausted during the entire run, and today I am beyond sore. Kinda ridiculous for a relatively short run.

Like I said, Pat and I did the 6ish miles together; Pat continued on to knock down another 6 miles (WTG!), and as I was walking to my car, I was disappointed with myself for not hitting the 8 mile target I had planned. So I decided to push myself around the loop at Tumbleweed for a bit more. I think the loop is just about a mile, and somehow I managed to shuffle around it. To say I even jogged would be an extreme exaggeration – it was a shuffle. But I was moving. Shuffled a little, walked a little…..and I made it back to my car with just over 7 miles under my belt for the morning. Not a big success, but not a total failure either.

Want to know what I learned from this excursion?

1) Aunt Flo is NOT a good running buddy. Leave her at home when you can.

2) 4 hours is not enough sleep in preparation for a long run.

3) My hip flexors need work – they were giving me the pain during the run.

4) Don’t take an extended vacation between long runs. It can make the difference between a good 8 miler and a lousy 6 miler. Skipping shorter runs during the week doesn’t help much either.

*End of Whine*


Pat said...

hey you didn' complain during the run. we got in 6.33 miles on the canal and the loop around the park is about 1.25 miles. That's 7.58. I think you did great.

Wes said...

Kudos to you for getting out there and getting it done. You can't run a long run too slow. Who cares if you are jogging or walking. Glad you had such good human company :-) Runs like this keep us honest!!

Jeff said...

Want some cheese to go with that whine?

No, but really, you got out there and did it. A bad jog/run/walk is far better than none at all. Besides, sleeping is way overrated!

Dan Seifring said...

I have to agree with the others. You got out there and did it. Many a times I think I might have a bad run so I skip it only to be pissed at myself later.


Marcy said...
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Marcy said...

LMAO Jeff!

I hear ya girl. I HATE running with AF. And what's worse then running with AF? Running a race with AF. Totally stinky!

The One and Only Tigger said...

#1 I wont go there.
#2-4 are so true.

Taryn said...

Yay for getting in an extra mile at the end! Sounds like you did the best you could considering all the icky stuff!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Yeah, I decided to eliminate Aunt Flo, she makes me totally cranky.

I am a firm believer in that THESE are the runs, the very run you describe here, that make you the strongest. You got through it, you never felt good about it, but you did it. It's great when it feels good and right, but this, my dear Pokey, this one made you stronger, I guarantee it. And the fact that you pushed through that extra mile is golden. Even stronger. :D :D :D

I can give advice now. I am a half marathoner. hee hee (a slow one but who's looking?)

Michelle said...

Way to go on getting in that extra mile, even though it wasn't going well. It's great that you had some company to help get you through it, too, and hopefully the next run will be so great you'll forget all about this not-so-great one!

J~mom said...

You got it done girl! It sucks having to deal with the female stuff! Really sucks but you did it! (((HUGS)))