Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Movin' in Maui

Had I known earlier that the "kick start" that I needed in my running resided somewhere in the South Pacific, I would have bought plane tickets to Maui much sooner!!! Aside from having a fabulous time (vacation wise) last week, I had an even better time RUNNING. Short runs, mind you....the things that are a constant struggle in my running life!

I ran 4 out of the 6 mornings we were there ~ just over 11 miles in total. I don't think I have ever gotten in that many short runs in a week ~ even when I was in "training" mode! Yes, I'm that lousy at the mid-week runs. It's funny to me that the biggest treat for me during this whole vacation was the ability ~ the time ~ to go and run almost every morning. I treasured it like at one time I would have treasured the vacation opportunity just to sleep in and enjoy coffee on the patio. Don't get me wrong ~ there was plenty of coffee on the patio to be had by me ~ it just came AFTER some really great runs :)

Day 1 ~ the Exploratory Run

The first day I headed out with the intent to find a nice path, or boardwalk of sorts, along the beach for my run. Needless to say, I was extremely disappointed to find that the area we were in did not have any such pathways along the beach ~ only sand.

I have serious disdain for running in sand (unless it is like the hard-packed stuff like I found in Mexico last year), but I gave it the good old college try. That lasted about 50 yards. Thank heavens for the amazing view to keep my mind off the pounds of sand that crept its way into my shoes.

So I left the beach and hit the streets. Most of my runs looked like this.....

Run 2 ~ The More-of-the-Same-Run

I was pretty still disappointed about not having an ocean view during my runs (I mean I'm in Maui for goodness sake!), until the next time out I happened upon this little gem. It is unknown how many visits I actually made to this little venue during my time there :)

And even along the same route, I noticed many new things along the way ~ my favorite of which was this cute little church that just really warranted a photo opportunity.

Run 3 ~ A New Direction

It wasn't really my first choice, but by my third run I ventured out in a new direction (to the south of where we were staying in Kaanapali Beach) and hit the highway. Yes, the highway. It was the only option in this new direction.
The first half mile or so was pretty crappy ~ lots of construction going on in the resort area of Maui, so I ran past plenty of half-finished hotels and tried not to get hit by oncoming traffic. The sun had just started to peek up over the West Maui Mountains (which happened to be to the East of me as I was running), when I looked over to my right side and caught a glimpse of my shadow on a tarp that was blocking off one of the construction areas. As I ran along, I realized that I actually kinda liked my shadow! Good running form, cute pony tail. Okay...so this calls for a picture!!!

I had to stand still since I wasn't coordinated enough to actually snap the picture while running, but you get the idea of my vanity ;)

It was during this brief running stint along the highway that I learned something new about motor transportation in Maui ~ more specifically, that motorized scooters are treated like bicycles, not road vehicles. I learned this rather quickly after almost getting run over by two different scooters while running in the bike lane!!!

I'm from Arizona where bikes mean BIKES. The cycling kind, you know? Well, not so much in Maui. I learned a whole new respect for the motorized scooters. And I just LOVED these signs posted everywhere. Watch for bikers, but plow over runners. Sheesh....the injustice!!!!

Run 4 ~ Uphill on Purpose

My last run took me back out on the fearful highway again (this time much more successful at dodging scooters) just as the sun was coming up again.

I had run past this road on my previous run, and wondered what lay at the top of this gigantic hill. There was never any traffic coming down the road, and it was just winding enough so that I couldn't really see where it went. So I decided to do the unthinkable. Run UP the hill. ON PURPOSE.

(gasp! those who know me will find this portion disturbing and highly unlikely.....but true! ;)

Cell phone cameras just don't do this kind of sunrise any justice.

It was a beautiful trudge up the hill, and the thought of actually being able to run about intentional hill-running on my blog may have even given me an extra spring in my step! About halfway up, I came upon this sign which gave me false hopes...

There was not really any coffee ~ just estate lots for sale. *sigh* MAJOR disappointment. I'd run up a hill any day if there was a great latte waiting for me at the top ;)

But my reward came just a few moments later when I reached the highest portion of the road. How can you not love a view like this???

I stood for quite a while taking it all in (and catching my breath) and was just so happy that I had decided to venture up there that morning. And just to prove that I was really there, I snapped a shot of my trusty running partner and her long supermodel legs ;)

There's plenty more vacation babble and pictures to come.....hope everyone had a great time while I was gone....have lots of catching up to do!

Happy Running!


Jeff said...

Awesome job getting those short runs in Poke. Great pics, too. Can't wait to read more.

Nat said...

Look at that. I want to go to Hawaii and see the volcanos. :)

I want to run there now too. Glad you had a such a great trip.

Cassandra said...

Beautiful photos! Sigh... how nice. I love beach running, though I only get to do it once a year or so! It's so quiet and peaceful...

Bummer about the coffee farms not having any lattes. :)

Lisa Slow-n-Steady said...

I'm envious of your Maui runs!! I've been there, and it's beautiful, but that was before I was a runner. Now I have a new excuse to return. :-)

Running Knitter said...

Wait, you ran up the hill on purpose? I had to re-read that part...:)
Love the pics - gorgeous!

teacherwoman said...

Wow! lovin' all the photos! I need to get away and head to HI!

Pat said...

I think you're supposed to run barefoot on the beach. Then you don't get sand in your shoes.

I can't wait to do a half or full marathon in Hawaii. It looks awesome.

Ed Hammerbeck said...

Awesome! [In the "inspires awe" sense of the word.] I love Hawaii and would love to have the opportunity to return there someday.

As far as the beach thing goes, I would try running barefoot. It sucks for the first quarter mile or so, but then my feet tolerate the abuse for 2-3 miles. Works great for me but YMMV.

Liz said...

hey, i found your blog throgh runner's lounge and came to take a look. i love the picture of your shadow against the canvas and that i'm not the only one who "check's their form" by looking at their running shadow. i do that on my night runs under the street lights and it makes me feel like i'm in a nike commercial...
great blog!

Shosh said...

WOW Pokey that makes me want to go to Hawaii even more now! Good job on all of those short runs and WHILE ON VACATION in a goregous place.

Glad you're back.

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

Great job running up the hill and getting those photos.

As for dealing with the scooters, I prefer the flying-clothsline to take care of them...but that's just me. ;-)

RooBabs said...

Great job on getting in 4 runs!!! You da bomb! And what a reward to get that view at the top of the hill. What a great vacation.

Stephen said...

WOW, sounds like a great time. I really wish I had been a runner 6 years ago when I spent a week there. One of my favorite pics from my trip (pre-digital camera) is also of a church, but I think the one I shot was on Kauai (we spent 1 day there) http://picasaweb.google.com/andert/DPS?authkey=qjliRAwABYI#5209218498413444978