Tuesday, April 1, 2008

American Odyssey Relay Run

Calling all runners!
Calling all runners!

Without sounding too much like an infomercial, I need to know who out there is looking for a great running experience for 2009!

I am now taking applications for a running team for the 2009 American Odyssey Relay!! If Micheline can round up 5 runners, and I can round up 5 runners ~ we are going to consider this bad boy!

Applications requirements are this:

1. You must want to run 3 legs of a 200 mile relay run
2. You must be willing to laugh, have fun, and not have an aversion to spending 24 hours with me in a van :P
3. You must be able to laugh at yourself, and 11 others, in regards to whatever might happen in a van over a 24 hour period!

Simple, yes?

So email me if it’s something that lights you up!


In other news, a variety of mishaps kept the TRC from reuniting last weekend as scheduled, but all was not lost. I purposely did not check my email before going to bed, so that I would make sure to be up and going regardless of who was running…or wasn’t running….with me. So I got in 5 miles on my own ~ slow, but no walk breaks. I came home feeling like a rockstar.

Yesterday morning brought another short run ~ only 2.6 miles based on time constraints. But I was exhausted, and it was a lousy run, so I wasn’t sad to see it end.

I fell short of a 50-mile month for March ~ which is kind of a downer. But that’s what a half marathon, followed by vacation did for me. No worries. I got it all covered.


Wes said...

Sorry, I can't get past number 2 :-D Really!? Somehow, that just doesn't sound right ROFL!! Sounds like a blast!!!

E said...

I think I might be emailing you. So basically, no one gets any sleep for 24 hours, right? Then run 3 legs of the relay? :)

J~Mom said...

Sounds like a neat race you guys found! Great job on your 5 miler!

K80K said...

One of the Civil War landmarks has my last name in the title. Sounds like an omen to me. Also this is right in my backyard. If you still have room, you have mail. :D

Anonymous said...

I find it necessary to add a few items to Pokey's "Why you ought to sign up and do this" list:

* You get to meet ME!
* Riding around with 5 other sweaty smelly people for hours on end is really really FUN!
* You get to learn new creative uses for "5 Hour Energy" shots!
* Can we say "Glow Sticks!"
* When was the last time you got all silly, decorated a car with shoe polish and crape paper and then voluntarily drove around with a Grommet Grin on your face!
* You get a cool inaugural running shirt!
* You can run a half marathon (or there about) in 3 separate legs!
* Opportunity for lots of beer drinking at the District ChopHouse & Brewery (nom nom nom nom nom BOURBON STOUT nom nom nom nom nom)!
* There will be a new President in town!
* I haven't seen the new WWII memorial, have you?
* Did I mention you also get to hang out with *ME*?

Viv said...

That relay run sounds like a great time!
Way to go on the running done. Especially how you did not check your email to get up anyway..way to trick urself there :-)

Laura N said...

I have a couple of friends doing a 200 mile relay this summer in Michigan. I hope you get a team rounded up. Me? I'm too big a sissy to spend 24 hours (minus running) in a van.

Great job on the 5 mile run with no walk breaks. That's excellent. You are doing so well. I hear ya on not getting the miles in you wanted to for March. Maybe April will be the month for us both.

Jeff said...

It's practically in my back yard! Count me in!

Unless you find some really fast people, I'm thinking 24 hours might not quite do it -- that's about a 7:12/mi pace.

Mendy said...

That sounds very interesting! I hope it all works out for you to find the team.

Mendy said...

BTW, awesome 5 miler and not walking! That's GREAT!

Robert Barker said...

You can count me in as well. It is just around the corner.

K80K said...

My calculations came up the same Jeff. I can't maintain an 11 min/mile, so a 7 min/mile is out of the question for me, lol

Andria said...

When is this?

K80K said...

April 24, 2009.

Brianna said...

Vacations are priceless - I think it is okay that your milage was a bit lighter than your goal for the month if you got to have a vacation! The benefits from the vaca should spill into your running this month.
Good luck with pulling together a relay team - wow!

Carly said...

I would do it just to meet you Pokey! I hope you get a team rounded up. Sounds like a great race!

Marcy said...

Sorry chica! I just got your mail (it was in Spam for some reason?!?) Anyway, I'll have to look it over! Looks pretty cool! And it's not that far away from here . . .