Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rock N Roll Half Marathon

I am totally behind in posting any kind of update on the half marathon last weekend, but life has just been extremely busy (and not entirely in the best of ways unfortunately). Between being sick with bronchitis for the past 2 weeks, and's left me in a bit of a running funk. Instead of whining, I tend to *hole up* for a while. Thus, the lack of posting ;)

I did go out and complete the Rock N Roll Half Marathon, and loved every minute of it. I honestly didn't mind if I went out and walked the entire thing ~ the goal was just to go and do it. I was still pretty sick, but it all went well.

I basically jogged the first 10K, walked the next 4 miles straight, and jogged in the last 5K. It's funny how much you can enjoy a race when there is no mental pressure to perform well :) I finished without leaving a lung on the sidewalk, in just over 3 it ended up being a very good day.

I'm still struggling with some endurance issues, and even a 5 mile run with the "3-C's" (Christina, Caroline and Candace) this morning proved to be a challenge. My schedule has me heading for Huntington Beach this weekend to run with the amazing Viv ~ so we gotta chat today and come up with a plan. Perhaps a down scale to the 5K might be more in order for me......we'll just have to see.

I don't have much of a race report, so I'll let it ride with some great pictures of some great running peeps at the RNR was a great time!

Pre-Race Pasta Dinner
(Pat, Candace, Christina, Caroline & Me)

Race Morning

(Christina, Caroline, Lisa, Me, Mary, Pat & Candace)

Some of the happy HM finishers
(Pat, Mary, Lisa & Me)

Huge congrats to both Pat and Lisa who seriously PR'd this race, and to Candace who ran her very first half marathon in a faster time than I even allow myself to imagine :) Great times!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

*Half* Minded Thoughts ~ T Minus 9 Days

  • 6 Mile taper-run tomorrow
  • Hope the leg holds up well and I don't cough up a lung
  • Lisa has the TP issue covered for RNR so I can sleep well tonight.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

I Got Nuthin'

I'm fresh out of brilliant or whiney things to say as we approach PF Changs Rock N Roll HM ~ which is now only 10 days away. Wonder if buddies Pat or Lisa have anything wise to say??

Random Running Thought ~ T Minus 10:

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Big Squeeze

Anyone recognize this little device??

Well today I get to become intimately involved with this lovely little gem as I transition into real womanhood with my very first mammogram! I've heard it call the Death Vice, Boob name it......but this little number can saves lives. That's why I felt it my bloggity duty to post a PSA to all the other gal bloggers out there ~ if you're now over 35 years old and haven't had a mammogram yet.....go do it! DO.IT.NOW!!!!!

Even if you're like me with no history of breast cancer or other red flags, it's a very important diagnostic tool. And besides, it really just looks like a ton of fun :)

[end of soap box rant]

In other running news, everything is still going well. This last week was my *recovery* week after the Fiesta Bowl HM, and trust me.....I needed it. My quads felt every inch of the 13 miles, and took a couple days to recover. Owchie! That was a new experience!

So I didn't get much (any? Can't remember....) running done during the week (also due to a hectic schedule with the kids) but I did get a decent 8 miles done on Saturday. Based on advice from Micheline, I opted for a mileage cutback in my long run. She's a firm believer in a *rest* cycle every 4 weeks, and talked me out of the 10 miles I had originally planned. The run felt decent and averaged about the same pace as Fiesta Bowl, so I was pleased. Any time I can run 8 miles and feel good, I am happy :)

Yesterday's run didn't leave me with the same warm fuzzies. I had a horribly slow, sluggish and extremely tired 3 mile morning run. It sucked. Let's just leave it at that. Apparently, some times you feel like a run........sometimes you don't.

I'm hoping to head out for some miles tomorrow morning ~ early ~ before all the Christmas chaos starts ~ for at least 5 miles, and hopefully a tad more. My long run schedule for the weekend calls for at least 13 apparently the recovery break is over! :)

Hope everyone has a great holiday this week....and happy running!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon 2008

My poor, poor neglected little blog! It is about time that I finally have something to say and enough moments in the day to actually blog about it. I figure that in keeping with blog-tradition that at least a quick race report is in order....

Yesterday was the 2008 Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon up in Scottsdale. It's a much smaller race than what I'm used to (yes, I purposely drown myself in larger races where no one notices if you come in last) and it had never really been on my "to do list". My focus lately has been solely on the RNR Half Marathon coming up in January.

Yet two of my fellow TRC runners - Pat and Christina - were running this race and we had chatted about it on several of our long runs. For Christina, this was her very first race EVER.....and she was faced with having to run it alone :( After a lot of mental struggles, last week before I left town, I committed to running this race with her (strictly as a training run for me as funny enough I had 13 miles on the schedule for this weekend) and got myself all registered and ready to go. The goal was completion....and to give Christina some company as she crossed the finish line for the very first time.

The recipe for this half marathon wasn't exactly ideal:

one week of traveling and little sleep


one week of eating like crap (anything that wasn't nailed down)


one week of absolutely no running


a half marathon???

Well, not in the best of circumstances....but that was my receipe for Fiesta Bowl. Try hard not to be overly impressed ;)

Mentally, I knew I wasn't really ready for this ~ but for once I jumped out of my comfort zone and decided to give it the good ol' college try. My past half marathons have left me with a lot of mental baggage and trepidation....but it was time to face the pavement once again.

The goals are always the same. And yesterday, after a good solid run, I met each and every one of them!

The weather was perfect (although quite chilly at the start), the company was great, and very methodically Christina and I covered the distance. We ran ~ did not walk~ together for 11 1/2 miles ~ solid and strong. At that point, I felt my legs tighten and my mental paranoia started to take over a bit. I knew it was time to walk some, and slow the pace even more and take it on in. So after 11 1/2 miles I sent Christina packin' :) as she was well on her way to a fabulous race of her own, and we each needed to do what we each needed to do for our own success.

I crossed the finish line at 2:46:13, with Pat who came out to greet me (taking pictures of my behind, much to my dismay) and Christina waiting up ahead just outside the chute. I was smiling and happy, not dead, and not cramping. All 3 goals met in one fell swoop :)

It's hard not for me to "what if" this race to death, like I have with all the others. Of course, we were on track for a much better finish time (after 10 miles, my mental math showed that we could have made it in around 2:40.....which would have been amazing!) and I start to wonder if I let all the mental stuff really bog me down. In the past, my issues have been physical; yesterday, I think it was more mental.

I changed a lot of things ~ particularly in the areas of nutrition and hydration. I didn't overhydrate like I think I've done during pre-race in the past; and I kept my intake of calories steady throughout the run, instead of waiting until I felt like I needed it. I did discover that it's much hard to get Sports Beans IN your mouth while you're running, and that it really isn't necessary to leave a trail on a course that isn't an out and back ;)

I also discovered that I can RUN a long distance. It's slow, of course ~ our pace averaged anywhere between 12 mpm and 12:30ish ~ but we didn't stop. This is one area that running with Christina has really helped me in reducing my reliance on walk breaks. I'm still not sure what works better, time wise ~ running a bit faster and incorporating walk breaks, or just running slow and steady all the way through. Yesterday it was slow and steady, and it worked for us. Yet another new accomplishment for me!

And here are the dirty details:

Mile 1: 12:08
Mile 2: 12:24
Mile 3: 12:27
Mile 4: 12:31
Mile 5: 12:40
Mile 6: 12:42
Mile 7: 12:29
Mile 8: 12:18
Mile 9: 12:07
Mile 10: 12:36
Mile 11: 12:22
Mile 12: 13:04
Mile 13: 13:33

Total time: 2:46:13 ~ Average pace : 12:34

Garmie has my total mileage at 13.27, so I guess that makes me an over-achiever :) I hate it when I have to run more than required!!!! And since Garmie time and chip time agree, I think I should get credit for a marginally faster pace :) When you're this slow, every second counts ya know!!!!

But for the first time in my running career, I'm happy with my performance. Yes, it was a PR by about 5 minutes off of my Valley of the Sun HM from March. Yes, that makes me super happy. However, I also know that I can do better. I know that a 2:40ish finish was well within my reach...I just somehow chose not to grab it. Now I just have to get my mental game on and really start pushing myself toward what I know I can do.

But in the meantime, I will relish in the accomplishment as I try to walk up and down the stairs without my quads hurting :)

And congrats to my buddy Christina who finished her first Half Mary yesterday (in about 2:43ish, I think....freaking awesome!) and thanks to my buddy Pat who is always a fountain of moral support. We couldn't have asked for a better day to run!

Happy Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon Finishers
(Christina, Karen & Pat)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Picture my week.....

First here.....

Then here...

(Orlando, FL)

And somehow, due to peer pressure, I'm going to end up here...

All in the next seven days!! I hope to be back at blogging soon with many good things to say!!

Happy Running!
PS: Yes, it's the half marathon...I've officially lost my mind :)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Testing, testing....

Is this thing on??

Yes, I am still here.

Yes, I am running. A lot, in fact. November is going to be my highest mileage month EVER!
(freaking awesome!)
Yes, I'm super busy with life in general.
Just wanted to take a quick second and wish everyone in Blogland a HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!

And Happy Running!